Thursday, 31 July 2008

Rain Woes

JUST how crazy can the weather here in the tropics get? I've been living in this place all my life and yet I still can't predict just how the day will turn out. Waking up to a sunny morning just to get drenched in the afternoon rains is not a happy experience. RLY. XD

Owkay, I'm ranting again. And I'm ranting about the weather!

Bleh! Don't mind me please. I'm just frustrated about getting wet in the rain even with my rain gear on.

Still, I'm thankful for the rains. My plants seem to enjoy the humidity, and several of them are bearing flowers now.

Hmm... So I haven't posted any new pics lately. I'll just update this post later and upload a few pics. Here's to hoping my cellphone camera doesn't fail me tomorrow. Cheers! *Drinks up rainwater. XD*

UPDATE: So I hate the rains, but Sandra seems to be enjoying them. Look! She has two flower spikes already. =P

Hopefully, she'll be in full bloom by the latter part of the month.

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