Wednesday, 23 July 2008

Passed Generation

EVERY time I frequent the places where I used to hang out with my college buddies, I realized more and more that my generation had passed. Or something like that. Yeah, yeah, I should have known that long ago but certain courses of events have preventing me from thinking about it. I'm a full-grown adult human physically, but please allow me to remain my childish self from time to time - in this blog at least. =P

After every trip to the mall, I am left to ponder why it still feels as though it was just yesterday that I was a college student. Several years after obtaining my degree and yet it doesn't seem too far away.

The answer isn't too hard to find, actually. I had joined the workforce for more than three years already but those weren't serious (at least that what I think).

In other words, three years had passed and most of the people my age have gone on with their lives. Many have attained that level of professionalism and career success I'm still dreaming of. There are several more who have started their own families (and are now blessed with kids). Yet through it all, there remains the same Jherskie who essentially stayed the same.

Perhaps it's because of the nature of my work around here, which lets me stay in touch with the ever-changing world. Or maybe it's my online activities that do the trick. The thing is, I failed in grasping the reality that I should have gone on with my own generation.

But still, there's no use denying that the body grows old. People, places and things change, even if those standing as spectators fail to notice the sublime differences. Fads and trends come and go; popular concepts die out and become unpopular.

And me? I'm remaining as one of the spectators watching how change is repainting the colors of the world around us. I can't go on with the flow of the new generation that superseded mine (may the all-powerful deities bless these young ones, wake them up from the ugly hair styles they're sporting, strip them of the ridiculous clothes they're wearing, and lead them to live more useful lives). But how long I'll just stand and watch, I'll let time decide while I sit down waiting.

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