Tuesday, 29 July 2008

Two Years Since

REGARDLESS of what we all have been through, no matter how far apart we may be right now - one fact remains and it remains true to this day: "Once a Sikatorse, always a Sikatorse."

Yes, it's more than two years since we started our journey. I know many of you guys are planning to leave next year (I'd very much like to join you but I just can't). But wherever your feet may take you, wherever you may decide to let your roots be replanted - we'll always be the best and most democratic, the biggest and most coherent of all the batches that made up the CDS.

Cheers to two fruitful years! Hope to still see you around this time around next year! =P (Or rather, don't forget to send the regular group emails, should you no longer be part of the company then.)

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