Wednesday, 31 December 2008

The last, long post of 2008

Yeah, you read it right, this is my last, long post for 2008. I know this should have been posted maybe later this afternoon (or as close to 12 midnight as possible), but I have to leave in an hour since I've got a 24-hour duty 'coz of the holidays. XD

Anyway, I'll try to squeeze in everything I could in this post. After all, 2008 had been a colorful, and very fruitful, one. So, let's begin. =)

The promise which is 2008
2008 had been a year of promises - I began the year with lots of promises, which I either kept or broken. Don't get me wrong, I don't flaunt broken promises, 'coz I also believe that promises should be kept no matter what. But one thing or another led to another thing or so, and before I knew it, time frames could no longer be followed.

It is during this year that two major, and unforeseen, events changed so much in me and caused several plans to either be dropped or shifted. The greater of the two is, of course, the sudden transfer from teh ACeS to my current team. This not only affected my professional career (think of starting from scratch after a year of hard work and learning), but my personal life as well.

Career change
I'd be a hypocrite if I say that the transfer is an unwelcome event, 'coz it wasn't. Career matters set aside, the change in work environment very much helped me set a few things in motion (as well as obtain new experiences). For one, I managed to re-align my finances and let our house get some of the renovations it had been in need of for the past 15years or so. And although I haven't stayed true to paying up all my credit cards, at least I am managing my money more efficiently since I'm staying at home.

Moreover, I got to learn lots of technical stuff in my new team. At least now I'm confident that I DO DESERVE to get that upgrade come next assessment. Either that, or start planning on seeking greener pastures. (This part of the plan is still hanging, pending the results of the next annual PA)

I guess I'd cut that bit about work at that point. I do want to chronicle a few more events, but I think they're pretty confidential stuff. Let's just move on to the next major event this year, which is...

Bye pRO, Hello RainRO
Yeah, I consider that something big for this year. Of course, I had been thinking of leaving pRO for good (for several reasons, such as LU!G focusing less and less on CUSTOMER SERVICE and more on CUSTOMER EXPLOITATION).

I never thought I could get pRO out of my system, because it was one of the mental mechanisms I employed to balance out the dull existence of living teh ACeS life. But several turning points shook me to reality that pRO had long passed the point of no return (from the place called oblivion). And then I chanced upon RainRO, and I soon learned to unlearn my loyalty to pRO (in which I had been a faithful follower for the past 5years).

Long story short, I replanted my roots to a server that doesn't promise anything more than a fun playing environment. And after sweating it out for a few months, I managed to let go of all my attachments to pRO (my account is still active, though).

Of course, my renewed addiction to Ragnarok Online via RainRO is hogging most of my online time. I hadn't been updating this blog, since I'd rather level my characters than come up with proses and updates.

Still, I find this life a bit better than ACeS (which I admit I no longer miss).

In 2009
I'd end this year-ender with a few words about my plans for next year. Yeah, career stuff will dominate every aspect of my goals (I do hope for an upgrade *crosses fingers* ). And did I or did I not say that I believe promises should be kept no matter what? =P

My plans for the coming year will include those things I failed to accomplish in 2008. I'd add up a few more objectives, perhaps when the need arises, but all in all, I expect to face another fruitful year.

Happy New Year! ^^,

Wednesday, 24 December 2008

Just a quick...

Merry Christmas!!! Hoping for great times this holiday season *cheers* ^^,

Friday, 5 December 2008

Officially unofficial

Well, after roughing it out for a few months now, I might as well make it official. I've left pRO for this:

Please give it a try, if you may. I'm not actually endorsing it, but I do find the server much more pleasant than pRO.

A/N: I'll probably upload this post later after checking my previous entries.

Monday, 1 December 2008

Smile! =)

If you're anywhere within the Philippines right now, I suggest you take a look at the moon. You'll probably see something like this...

Zooming to as much as my phone could: