Thursday, 17 July 2008

'Coz I Must Post Something Like This Now

I actually had a few thoughts in mind that I ought to have blogged about, yet didn't manage to. Right now, I'm appreciating the wisdom in my friend, Mai's words when she said something like this a long time ago: Parents who learn the ways of the internet are a force to reckon with.

Alright, I was in the mood to write something a few hours back, but my mom had been using the PC to chat with my uncle in Saudi Arabia. XD

And then, after they finished their lengthy chat, my mom pestered me about that supposed earthquake tomorrow. XD So, I had to squeeze in time to find this page just to let her know the obvious - that it's just a hoax email perpetrated by those who don't have much to do. I'd accept that my adolescent cousins and their classmates would be gullible enough to take it seriously, but adults?

Whether there'd be an earthquake within the next 24hours is not really my concern until the ground starts shaking (at which case I'd just do what is obviously the best thing to do - wake up from sleep and run out of the house as quickly as possible).

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