Wednesday, 16 July 2008

Justice and Laws

Aart Hilal, who like myself, is a fan of Paulo Coelho, had given me the link to our favorite writer's blog. Yes, I've known the Coelho actively updates his blog, but I never tried to look at it until Aart provided the link ('coz I'm lazy just like that).

So there I was, skimming through my favorite writer's posts, until my attention was hooked onto one critical question: "What distinguishes an unjust law from a law that we simply do not want to comply to?" I paused for a bit of time and pondered. And then, I posted a reply that goes like this:

"I still think it's just a matter of perspective.

As others had commented before me, the question of distinction between an unjust law and a law we simple do not want to comply to is a subjective one. The human heart will know if there is justice to the rules brought down upon the people.

But as always, the heart is easily blinded.

Some may easily say that a law is unjust, while some will just say it is not (and they'd all not comply with it in the end).

The easiest measuring stick with which people can discern whether or not a law is unjust is this: if a law serves to bring about social order, make every member of the society equal in ranking, privileges and responsibilities, foster a good environment for the development of EACH and every one of the individual members, and nurture and protect individual freewill - then surely that law is just."

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