Tuesday, 1 July 2008

Wanted: More Action

I was finally able to watch "Wanted" on the big screen just a few hours ago. That trip to the movie house had been canceled several times, and thankfully I was finally able to squeeze it into my schedule.

By the way, I don't usually watch movies on the big screen unless I'm quite sure it will be worth it. =P

The movie proves to be worth all the effort I put into going to the theater, as well as the ticket price. Nearly two hours of cinematographic awesomeness, a brilliant story, a very nice twist - this movie has it all.

The only thing I could say against the movie is that it's quite short - bitin! I was actually thinking of watching it a second time (because we can do that in the local theaters), but I eventually decided not to since I did not want to go home late.

And no, I won't be giving spoilers nor will I discuss anything further. WATCH IT. Don't ask any more questions. My rating for Wanted: 9.5/10

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