Friday, 18 July 2008

Rearranging Revelations

You may or you may not ignore the post before this, and you may do so with this one. I won't be talking enough sense anyway.

As I was driving on the way home late this afternoon, I suddenly had the urge to rearrange the letters that make up my surname. Don't ask me why I was thinking of that when I should be focused more on driving, 'coz I no longer remember why I did think just that.

Anyway, I just realized that when the letters of my surname (Ambion) are rearranged, they'd make up, "BIOMAN" ^_^

(Yeah, I did waste your time just like that.) =P

NOTE: I'm not making up conspiracy theories here (LOLz). A quick search of the word "Ambion" at google will give pages of pharmaceutical companies. The ever-so-trusty Wikipedia, on the other hand, had this stub about Ambion Hill (not to be confused with Silent Hill).


PentiumFourPWR said...

Where you on Amtrak going towards San Jose on Sunday? I thought I saw some blogspot on a laptop that said wandering traveler or something.

Jherskie said...

Last Sunday? I was on duty at work the whole day. I don't think that's me. =)