Thursday, 31 July 2008

Rain Woes

JUST how crazy can the weather here in the tropics get? I've been living in this place all my life and yet I still can't predict just how the day will turn out. Waking up to a sunny morning just to get drenched in the afternoon rains is not a happy experience. RLY. XD

Owkay, I'm ranting again. And I'm ranting about the weather!

Bleh! Don't mind me please. I'm just frustrated about getting wet in the rain even with my rain gear on.

Still, I'm thankful for the rains. My plants seem to enjoy the humidity, and several of them are bearing flowers now.

Hmm... So I haven't posted any new pics lately. I'll just update this post later and upload a few pics. Here's to hoping my cellphone camera doesn't fail me tomorrow. Cheers! *Drinks up rainwater. XD*

UPDATE: So I hate the rains, but Sandra seems to be enjoying them. Look! She has two flower spikes already. =P

Hopefully, she'll be in full bloom by the latter part of the month.

Life-Changing Moments

HOW often do people come across life-changing moments? Funny that just last night, I was dead sure that that the answer is "very rarely, if not at all." In fact, had I managed to blog about it last night, the main idea of the post would have revolved around how scant those chances are, when people can stand up to prove themselves.

But the weather was a bit uncooperative, and I had to sleep early because of the thunderstorm. And when I woke up this morning and thought about it thoroughly, I realized that my previous answer had been wrong, so wrong.

I was mistaken last night, because I forgot a very important point - that when we say life-changing, we don't usually mean momentous incidents. And this morning, I remembered just that, and it suddenly struck me that my point of view had been wrong.

Every single moment of our existence, and each one of our decisions - no matter how small or insignificant they may seem - they all have a great effect in our future. We just can't shrug off a little deed in the morning as bearing no consequence to how our day will turn out.

Taking that into consideration, the answer to my first question changes to "an infinite amount of time."


Tuesday, 29 July 2008

Dark and Light, Dull and Bright

EVERYONE has a tendency to be evil, but everyone is also predisposed to be good. That pretty much sums up the main point of "Batman: Dark Knight." Yeah, yeah, it's already old news but I managed to watch the movie on the big screen just a few hours ago.

Owkay, to that summation I'd wholeheartedly agree. I for one am a believer in the inherent goodness in everyone and everything, and I also acknowledge that even the thinnest paper has two sides. But if I am to give my own rating to Dark Knight, I'd give it only a 7.5/10.

Sure, the movie ticket is more than worth it. Actually, the movie is lengthy (and dragging at some points) by my standards. I've lost count of how many times I glanced at my watch to check the time, and after the movie I just couldn't stand right away (as if my legs have decided to sleep there and then).

Dark Knight is fine over-all, the acting is good as well as the direction and cinematography. Effects are quite well and not overdone (I really loved how the hospital was blasted to smithereens, hehe). I suppose there weren't over- and under-exposure of some scenes (because frankly, I've lost track at one point or another). But I'm not satisfied with the story, and I think that a different script would have fared better.

AANNDDD... I'd have to disagree with that cellphone SONAR thing. I don't suppose mobile phone manufacturers would design SONAR-capable handsets even if they were directed to (and I won't believe they'd ever be ordered to do just that). I won't say it's a stupid idea, but I'm not saying it's a bright one in the first place.

On to the next movie, I suppose. Good night! (^^,)

Two Years Since

REGARDLESS of what we all have been through, no matter how far apart we may be right now - one fact remains and it remains true to this day: "Once a Sikatorse, always a Sikatorse."

Yes, it's more than two years since we started our journey. I know many of you guys are planning to leave next year (I'd very much like to join you but I just can't). But wherever your feet may take you, wherever you may decide to let your roots be replanted - we'll always be the best and most democratic, the biggest and most coherent of all the batches that made up the CDS.

Cheers to two fruitful years! Hope to still see you around this time around next year! =P (Or rather, don't forget to send the regular group emails, should you no longer be part of the company then.)

Monday, 28 July 2008

Counting down

SEVERAL years back (well, two to be exact), I had not seriously considered working in a different land. As a matter of fact, I used to tell anyone who'd ask, "I'd go abroad, but only as a tourist." Back then, I wished to stay in this country while pursuing my dreams (although I still didn't know what they are).

But in the light of all the work-related events that transpired during my now two-year stay in this company, I had come to that painful decision to swallow my pride and 'go with the flow.' Yes, I'm counting down 'til I can officially tender my resignation ('coz I'm not legally capable to file it until about two years from now). And I'm not the only one - many of my co-workers who started at the same time as me had already expressed their decisions to go as well.

Borrowing the words of one of my batchmates in Sikatorse:

"If you don't go after what you want, you'll never have it. If you don't ask, the answer is always no. If you don't step forward, you'll always stay in the same place. Take risks, for life goes on."

Saturday, 26 July 2008

Gauging the Changes

KEEPING track of changes, particularly those minuscule accretions or reductions, is not always easy especially for who have a tendency to ignore the accumulating discrepancies until the differences are much too obvious. More so if the changes we are talking about are changes in an individual's attitudes and views in life. Yes, I'm talking about myself here, but I guess many can relate to me anyway. XD

So I haven't been noticing until just a moment ago, those subtle changes in me that I failed to notice 'coz of the things that are keeping me busy these days (like sleeping at home or on the job; LOLz). Lately I have been slowly attaining a few of my goals (which I set at the start of the year) and I didn't realize that I had. Blame it on the distractions, perhaps, but I think I know the real reason why I just shrug them off until the change is so great to ignore. I ignored the changes because they are just the initial, necessary steps I had to implement to attain my true objectives.

I don't know exactly when, but I have been slowly fulfilling #1 and #5 of my 2008 plan of action and the results are quite conspicuous already. I now know I'm a more mature individual/professional as compared to a few months ago, and I'm now looking at things at an even better light.

Yeah, I've been complaining much about some company stuff that occurred not-so-long ago, as well as my moments of indecision. But these days, I have succeeded in closing the books of old wrongs and directing my attention instead to the future ahead. I have, so to speak, matured well enough to keep myself at peace with the things that used to make me bicker and sulk in a corner. If before I used to say, "poor me, having to suffer through these...", now I can proudly say, "oh, so this is why I had to undergo those 'tortures'..." =P

Yes I have changed, and it isn't really the kind of change I always wanted (except of course for the still continuous lost of excess poundage, which is among the wanted ones). In truth, I never thought I'd see things the way I do now. But yeah, I have come to a decision that I used to despise because of my nationalistic idealism - to pack my baggages and allow my roots to get planted elsewhere.

Yes, I've finally given up on this country and I'm preparing to relocate. Although I feel it is pretty hypocritical of me to say so, I have accepted the fact that at times eating your own words is far easier than it seems. Giving up pride for more vital necessities is a mark of maturity, I surmise, and being able to do just that show how much I've changed without me knowing it.

Friday, 25 July 2008

A Possibility(?)

IF I had just managed to keep track every time, I might have enough data by now to contest whether it may really be attributed to just coincidence. Oh, what I am talking about? Nothing really =P

Lately I just keep noticing that about 90 percent (or more) of the time, I'd be receiving text messages on my phone whenever I touch it. YRLY. SRSLY. I dunno if this phenomenon is just pure coincidence or what, but the almost-mathematical accuracy is just getting on my nerves.

Just picture this, every time I'm at home I have this habit of putting my cellphone on top of the PC table (for easy access). My work (which extends even to the periods when I'm off-duty) ensures that I receive more than enough calls/texts than the average cellphone user, so whenever I'm at home I try to distance from it as much as possible. And just about every time I feel the need to take a peek at my phone, a message will suddenly pop up - whether be it work-related, or any other message from my friends.

And that is what makes me curious. Why do I always feel the urge to touch my phone just a couple of seconds before a message arrives? Had I ever welcomed the absurd possibility, I'd be claiming now that the nature of my job had made me sensitive to radio waves that I have a working RF antenna somewhere within my body. =P

Wednesday, 23 July 2008

Passed Generation

EVERY time I frequent the places where I used to hang out with my college buddies, I realized more and more that my generation had passed. Or something like that. Yeah, yeah, I should have known that long ago but certain courses of events have preventing me from thinking about it. I'm a full-grown adult human physically, but please allow me to remain my childish self from time to time - in this blog at least. =P

After every trip to the mall, I am left to ponder why it still feels as though it was just yesterday that I was a college student. Several years after obtaining my degree and yet it doesn't seem too far away.

The answer isn't too hard to find, actually. I had joined the workforce for more than three years already but those weren't serious (at least that what I think).

In other words, three years had passed and most of the people my age have gone on with their lives. Many have attained that level of professionalism and career success I'm still dreaming of. There are several more who have started their own families (and are now blessed with kids). Yet through it all, there remains the same Jherskie who essentially stayed the same.

Perhaps it's because of the nature of my work around here, which lets me stay in touch with the ever-changing world. Or maybe it's my online activities that do the trick. The thing is, I failed in grasping the reality that I should have gone on with my own generation.

But still, there's no use denying that the body grows old. People, places and things change, even if those standing as spectators fail to notice the sublime differences. Fads and trends come and go; popular concepts die out and become unpopular.

And me? I'm remaining as one of the spectators watching how change is repainting the colors of the world around us. I can't go on with the flow of the new generation that superseded mine (may the all-powerful deities bless these young ones, wake them up from the ugly hair styles they're sporting, strip them of the ridiculous clothes they're wearing, and lead them to live more useful lives). But how long I'll just stand and watch, I'll let time decide while I sit down waiting.

Tuesday, 22 July 2008


I had always been wondering - am I really destined to know everything I wanted to, yet not be able to utilize them to the utmost I desire?

The immediately preceding post before this one (Knowledge) is a conclusion I came up with after reading this wikipedia entry about geeks. Knowledge for knowledge's sake is a path of life for many - and I think I'm among those who have chosen this path.

I have an insatiable thirst for knowledge. As a matter of fact, my love for traveling is but an offshoot of my desire to know the world better by viewing it through my own eyes. I was not one to travel for traveling's sake, but rather I journeyed because i wanted to acquire the knowledge firsthand via my five (or perhaps six) senses.

Never before had I acknowledged my affiliation to geekdom, but it was never an issue anyway. All the people around me saw me as the general info quiz bee champion, nothing more and nothing less.

All of that is just a fraction of what I really want. Deep inside, I do not simply wish to just know. In reality, I wanted to know and apply the knowledge I have acquired. I want to know how the food in different parts of the world taste like, and how the local people cook them, and I wanted to cook them myself if I really enjoyed the taste.

But lately I have seen that things are not going the way I would have wanted. The past few years have borne witness to how much wisdom I have acquired, yet there wasn't much instances when the information proved handy for my part. True, I know how the greatest writers in history have been able to persuade their followers, but I never had the skill to simulate that and capture the effect even in a small scale.

I know lots of things, yet not many people know that I do; the reason behind so simple - I never let anyone know what I know. Don't call me selfish or something, I'd share my knowledge if I could. But of course, a large amount of information isn't so useful to begin with - there's just too much clutter and what is truly essential may be hidden well among the mess I call my memories.

One thing's for sure though, the knowledge of which among the information in my memories are useful is one of the things I've yet to know. Perhaps when I've grown wise enough to discern which is trash and which is a gem, I'd have stopped rambling about mundane stuff such as this.


Knowledge for knowledge's sake is how the geeks put it, right?

Sunday, 20 July 2008

Too Much Assumptions

A double-edged sword, it may seem to me, which yields it's power to the one who efficiently wields it - figuratively, I'd say that about a peculiar characteristic of one of my skills.

Nah, I'm just bluffing. C'mon, please don't take it seriously. =P

It's... not actually a skill. It's just a stubborn quality of mine that is useful at times, yet had placed me in trouble for several times now.

I'm talking about my seemingly-inherent tendency to make assumptions. I can't really remember when I started relying on them, but I suppose it started back in my school days, particularly during one of my numerous math lessons (which go something like, "now class, assuming that this variable is kept constant despite all the other factors changing as a result of...").

The thing is, I seemed to have developed a reliance on those assumptions that I sometimes don't take every factor in whatever decision I make. There are times, as well, when I just half-assumed the facts instead of obtaining them. Oftentimes, such incidences have led to not-so-good outcomes, and I had to start a few things all over again.

And yet, I still can't stop myself from making assumptions whenever quick facts are presented before me. I find it easier to deduce the information I wanted instead of plainly asking for them. Maybe because it's also because of the nature of my profession (engineering) to make assumptions in dealing with unknowns in the various formulas we use, but yeah, I'm not yet so good at it.

Not so long ago, I tried to just stop assuming altogether, but all my efforts were futile. So, these days I'm just restraining myself from relying on my assumptions. The way I see things at the moment, I'm going on the proper path. I just hope that this path I'm taking really is the best.

Saturday, 19 July 2008

Question and Answer

When asking not for fact or opinion, your personal answer is the best for whatever question you may bring up.

Friday, 18 July 2008

My Decision

Not so long ago, I've come upon a decision, which I still hope and pray to this day that I'll be able to stand by. It was during those numerous moments when I was searching for a path to take, that I resolved to bear in mind always: respect individual free will. That decision stemmed from my belief that there is beauty in everything, and the world is good as it is with all the individual idiosyncrasies that compose it.

Whether people would understand that decision or not is not really of any concern to me. In the first place, it had been a very personal decision - a call I made myself.

Choosing to respect the rights of each and every individual to do things on their own volition is not really a serious matter with world-changing consequences. But the actions of a few individuals may of course affect the world we live in, be it for better or for worse (I'd really prefer the former).

Even now I can't say that my decision is all for the best, but I wanna believe that it is so. Maybe it's because I want to have faith in the goodness of the human spirit, or I simply just don't want to share responsibility for wrong doings committed by others - the bottom line is that I've made my choice and I'll strive to stand by it.

Rearranging Revelations

You may or you may not ignore the post before this, and you may do so with this one. I won't be talking enough sense anyway.

As I was driving on the way home late this afternoon, I suddenly had the urge to rearrange the letters that make up my surname. Don't ask me why I was thinking of that when I should be focused more on driving, 'coz I no longer remember why I did think just that.

Anyway, I just realized that when the letters of my surname (Ambion) are rearranged, they'd make up, "BIOMAN" ^_^

(Yeah, I did waste your time just like that.) =P

NOTE: I'm not making up conspiracy theories here (LOLz). A quick search of the word "Ambion" at google will give pages of pharmaceutical companies. The ever-so-trusty Wikipedia, on the other hand, had this stub about Ambion Hill (not to be confused with Silent Hill).

Thursday, 17 July 2008

'Coz I Must Post Something Like This Now

I actually had a few thoughts in mind that I ought to have blogged about, yet didn't manage to. Right now, I'm appreciating the wisdom in my friend, Mai's words when she said something like this a long time ago: Parents who learn the ways of the internet are a force to reckon with.

Alright, I was in the mood to write something a few hours back, but my mom had been using the PC to chat with my uncle in Saudi Arabia. XD

And then, after they finished their lengthy chat, my mom pestered me about that supposed earthquake tomorrow. XD So, I had to squeeze in time to find this page just to let her know the obvious - that it's just a hoax email perpetrated by those who don't have much to do. I'd accept that my adolescent cousins and their classmates would be gullible enough to take it seriously, but adults?

Whether there'd be an earthquake within the next 24hours is not really my concern until the ground starts shaking (at which case I'd just do what is obviously the best thing to do - wake up from sleep and run out of the house as quickly as possible).

Wednesday, 16 July 2008

Justice and Laws

Aart Hilal, who like myself, is a fan of Paulo Coelho, had given me the link to our favorite writer's blog. Yes, I've known the Coelho actively updates his blog, but I never tried to look at it until Aart provided the link ('coz I'm lazy just like that).

So there I was, skimming through my favorite writer's posts, until my attention was hooked onto one critical question: "What distinguishes an unjust law from a law that we simply do not want to comply to?" I paused for a bit of time and pondered. And then, I posted a reply that goes like this:

"I still think it's just a matter of perspective.

As others had commented before me, the question of distinction between an unjust law and a law we simple do not want to comply to is a subjective one. The human heart will know if there is justice to the rules brought down upon the people.

But as always, the heart is easily blinded.

Some may easily say that a law is unjust, while some will just say it is not (and they'd all not comply with it in the end).

The easiest measuring stick with which people can discern whether or not a law is unjust is this: if a law serves to bring about social order, make every member of the society equal in ranking, privileges and responsibilities, foster a good environment for the development of EACH and every one of the individual members, and nurture and protect individual freewill - then surely that law is just."


Recent turn of events had managed to awaken me, and made me face the tough reality: that far from becoming the person I had wanted to be, I'm becoming quite the opposite. Perhaps it was because the process was subtle and incremental, but one thing's for sure - that my weaknesses remain while the things I consider my strengths are slowly dissipating with each passing day.

I no longer know how much time had elapsed since I told myself that I'll always use my head in whatever decision I'd make. It doesn't matter now, 'coz I've already broken that vow out of a whim just to get a shot at being rebellious one time or another. Yes, I did say I'll follow the best and most secure way available. But I have long strayed from the path most people take, aiming to make a new one that I hoped will let people remember me for (or something of the matter; I'm really not so sure what I'm blabbering about right now). =P

Looking back at some of my most recent memories, I see that I had become self-centered (something I really used to despise). I've had my share of vanities and prejudices, and many a time I also cared not for the people around me, but for my own selfish concerns.

But the greatest error of all, is that I still don't feel sorry that I had done those things. I guess maturity's still a long way down the road for me. But this time, I'll savor every step towards the goal.

Monday, 14 July 2008

A Nation’s Soul

Language is a nation’s soul; it binds and fosters ties, bridges and overcomes indifference and miscommunication, and makes a nation, a nation. At the very least, that is what I believe.

Yeah, I do love to study languages for several reasons. Of course, apart from my native tongue (Pilipino), English is my second language and I’ve learned using it since primary school. But there are a lot more in this world, and I’d learn them all if I could.

Lately I’ve been delving much into manga, and I now know Nihongo a bit more than before. And it is actually because of my increasing interest in learning the Japanese language that I realized that I really am interested in languages. Hehe. (But back in my student years, I also despise language subjects) =P

Anyway, one thing about languages is that by carefully looking at several aspects, one may know more about the people that speak it. A person need not to learn all a language’s intricacies and idiosyncrasies to know that it genuinely reflects the nation, which uses it.To know about the people, it is important to know their language

Well, I’m no expert at this stuff, but I’ve deduced a little from the bits of knowledge I have of the languages I know. Yeah, Pilipino sure is family-oriented, Nihongo an honor-oriented one, and English is as straightforwardly-businesslike as it is, or something like that. (I’d rather not elaborate on this matter, as I'm still lacking data to back it up).

The bottom line is, to know about the people, it is important to know their language, and vice-versa.

Knowledge from the ‘Witch’

Whenever I find I’ve got enough money to spare for a book (which happens once in a blue moon, or something), I always prioritize Paulo Coelho’s works. Of course, I don’t always buy his books, especially back when I was still collecting the Harry Potter series. But whenever came an instance I had to choose between a lesser expensive (and way thicker) paperback and one of Coelho’s, I’d buy his work even if they cost more. Such is the quality of his writing, which I had grown to admire and respect so much.

Thus, when I had the chance to shop around for a book several weeks ago, I immediately scanned the prize-winning collections of the bookstore since I knew that all his works are placed there. I really didn’t bother considering the other authors available, because I’d have preferred to buy one of Coelho’s books anyway.

The choices were narrowed down, but I still wasn’t able to decide right away which among his books I’d get. So, I looked at the brief descriptive on the back of each book, and I knew at once which one will use up the book coupon I’ve been saving. Oh yeah, I was buying a book because the book coupon I got when I bought Harry Potter 7 last year was expiring. Hehe =P

“How do we find the courage to always be true to ourselves – even if we are unsure of who we are?”

The moment I read those lines, I knew I had to buy Coelho’s “The Witch of Portobello.” Perhaps it was because I had been subconsciously asking myself that question, or maybe I was very much intrigued by the premise, or probably because the book cover is blue – or all these may have affected my choice – but sure enough, I never let the book go.

The way of presenting Athena’s tale reveals just how great Coelho has gotten in the craft of storytelling. Through the narratives of the different people who knew her, the intricately beautiful life story of Sherine Khalil, who preferred to be called Athena, was relayed to the readers in a subtle manner that highlights just how much we may know a person, yet not know him/her at all.

The Witch’s style very much suited the objective of finding out that which we never knew was missing in the first place – who we really are. Coelho’s words made me realize that people may say that they fully know what they really want to achieve in their lives, yet not understand that they had just been deceiving themselves into believing they actually know.Only a person will know who he really is, but what he knows about himself will not always remain true

For my part, I began to understand that whether I know where my feet are taking me or not is immaterial in this daily joyride of my existence. Indeed, every step taken is already the destination for the previous one. What is important is to savor every moment, for happiness is such a fleeting experience that lingers only long enough to be recognized.

Anyway, I found two among the numerous quotables in the book’s pages that best sum up what the Witch had taught me:

“In order to forget the rules, you must know them and respect them.” – Nabil Alaihi

“Desires are never satisfied, because once they are, they cease to be desires.” – Deidre O’Neill

In essence, only a person will know who he really is, but what he knows about himself will not always remain true because man is not, and never will be, a stagnant piece of creation.

Thursday, 10 July 2008


Chess is a part of my childhood that I had always never acknowledged. I know the rules, I know some moves, yet I never took to liking the mind sport.

I'll admit that I never got into chess since any chance of me developing a liking for the game had been continuously nipped off the bud by two factors: 1. my brother who taught me the rules never intended me to like the game (in other words, he seemed to have just wanted someone he could always beat); 2. I don't really like the underlying principles upon which the adversaries battle.

Yeah, I got discouraged right off the beginning since my older brother just wanted to keep beating me at it (I supposed it was because he was, in turn, always beaten by his classmates back then). =P Don't tell me I'm just sour graping or something, but I do hope everyone realizes that beating someone up to encourage them to be better is VERY MUCH different from beating them just on a whim.

Nonetheless, factor 2 is the more important factor. I just don't like chess. Period. But why, you ask?

While chess is a great strategy game (which should surely suit me), it is but a continuous battle of sacrifices for the "greater good." I never had been one to believe that principle, and so I shunned away any prospects of honing my strategy skills for chess. Plain and simple, I don't like sacrificing even just pawns to get the objective - that is, to kill the enemy's king.

Another thing I don't like about it are stalemates (or standoff, whatever you may prefer calling draws). Real life just won't allow a tie in any of it's true contests. In the long run, stalemates in the real world are nothing but periods of inactivity wherein both sides are just re-formulating their strategies.

But then again, you may be wondering why I'm writing about something I don't really like. Well, aside from the fact that the other rules of chess have practical uses in real life, the show I'm quite hooked onto these days, Code Geass, is pretty much a complicated game of chess.

And yes, the latest episode I watched, episode 13, shows just how ugly a game of chess can get (in terms of sacrifices, that is). Yeah, yeah, I'm a Shirley Fenette fan deep inside, and I don't like her being killed off just like that. And being taken out of the story just because there was a stalemate in her feelings for Lelouch doesn't make things any better.

I don't like chess. I don't despise it, but I just don't like it.

Wednesday, 9 July 2008


For a superhero movie, I expected more. That, in a nutshell, is what I can say about the movie I watched yesterday. I mean, the ticket price was the same as with Wanted, yet Hancock had me thinking in the end, "Did I or did I not just waste my time (and money)?"

Oh, by the way, if you're a fan of the movie, please stop reading this post and check out the other blogs I usually frequent (links are on the right portion of the page). I can't promise that this post will be a good read if you are a true blue Hancock fan.

A very short screening time with an equally pointless plot - if I had known that Hancock was about those, I wouldn't have bothered to watch it. I admit I was enticed with the movie trailers on TV, but I didn't expect that that was all there was to it.

Yeah, yeah, I'm a bit pissed with the movie since it didn't even meet my minimum criteria. And to think I sacrificed precious hours of sleep, went to work on the morning shift, and scrammed like hell from the office as soon as my shift ended just to ensure enough time for me to watch the movie twice if ever. But no, I couldn't even stand to waste time staying in the cinema as soon as the credits rolled.

Okay, Hancock's not a total waste, I admit. The visuals are good enough, to say the least. But I don't need a movie to know how important common sense is. As in, if a pissed person told you not to call him/her an asshole/crazy/f*ing deepshit, you know you shouldn't cross the line (especially if the one you're planning to call an asshole/crazy/f*ing deepshit can easily throw you to kingdom come afterwards).

And no, I still don't believe that divorce is an option. Just no.

Note: I did say I'll put a review of Witch of Portobello, but I just had to put this one first. I'm just
f*ing mad. At myself, for even thinking the movie would deserve the ticket price.

Saturday, 5 July 2008

Been keeping myself busy...

With reading, reading, and reading. ^^,

Oh yeah, I've also been watching out for new episodes of Code Geass, as well as new releases of Naruto and Soul Eater. Lately I've delved into Claymore as well.

But I think I must do justice to those, and talk about them in separate updates. Anyway, if I can manage to, I'll be blogging about Paulo Coelho's "The Witch of Portobello" in my next update. I just finished the novel a few moments ago. =P

A Year Later...

I see that today is two days shy of a year since I wrote the post, Dreaming and the Dinner Dance. Yes, almost a full year since we sat down and dreamed of putting up our own business, and that dream still remains in the realm of fantasy. =P

Anyway, this week is the foundation week of my alma mater, Wesleyan University - Philippines. Part of the celebrations is the alumni homecoming event, dubbed "C'Ya at Wesleyan," and I attended with Lolo Jasper. The old Genre gang/OSA tambays were supposed to go, too, but weren't able for various reasons.

Overall, the event was fun even though I didn't win in the raffle *sob* T-T

Friday, 4 July 2008

A Confession at Night

I confess - I gave in. I'm an ordinary human being after all.

A mere human of flesh and bones, I am, yes. But I did not heed the 'call' before. I... I restrained myself, not out of a willingness to follow the rules, but on my own volition. I wanted to prove that I am above such humanity!

But yes, I gave in. Who can blame me for seeking what my body yearns for? Is it not because of 'this' that the existence of the human race is ensured?

Who can point an accusing finger at me, when the act was carried out in secret? There never was any evidence to be found, to begin with. No witnesses around, except for the creeping darkness in the middle of the night. No one, save for myself, to retell the tale of that moment when the wind blowing was oh so cold.


There you go - a written confession. I'm not saying I'm proud to have done it, but there's just no point in denying it. My body yearned for it, and I merely obliged.

So I slept during my shift, any problem with that? Now if you'll excuse me, I'm off to dream land once more.

Note: I really should sleep lest I write something scandalous next. Hehe. =P


Many times in my life, I tried to do things my way - or so I believed back then. I persisted in what I thought was the best option, unmindful of long-term consequences. Following neither logic nor the promptings of my heart, I sought to defy the almighty powers that be.

Alas! I've been fooled - fooled by my own self into believing that I did what I really wanted. In truth, I never was one to make the decisions that had shaped my fate - the fates seem to have been shaping my decisions for me.

Yes, I'm finally surrendering, giving in to what I refused to believe. Acceptance - it had patiently waited for me to come in all humility. And now I take on my destiny.

Note: This is what I come up with while listening to music that ought to have put me to sleep, but prompted me to write an update instead. Go figure what songs I'm currently listening to. =P

Thursday, 3 July 2008

Since I'm not in the mood...

I'll just post an advisory. =P

I've added a blogroll somewhere in the right part of this blog (the part containing links to other blogs). Thanks to Mikan/Eli who taught me how. (Now I don't have to manually check for updates. hehe)

Oh yeah, I do have a few matters I'd like to blog about. However, I just can't push myself to come up with the right words. Writers' block and whatnots - I'm sure you know what I mean.

Tuesday, 1 July 2008

Wanted: More Action

I was finally able to watch "Wanted" on the big screen just a few hours ago. That trip to the movie house had been canceled several times, and thankfully I was finally able to squeeze it into my schedule.

By the way, I don't usually watch movies on the big screen unless I'm quite sure it will be worth it. =P

The movie proves to be worth all the effort I put into going to the theater, as well as the ticket price. Nearly two hours of cinematographic awesomeness, a brilliant story, a very nice twist - this movie has it all.

The only thing I could say against the movie is that it's quite short - bitin! I was actually thinking of watching it a second time (because we can do that in the local theaters), but I eventually decided not to since I did not want to go home late.

And no, I won't be giving spoilers nor will I discuss anything further. WATCH IT. Don't ask any more questions. My rating for Wanted: 9.5/10