Sunday, 20 July 2008

Too Much Assumptions

A double-edged sword, it may seem to me, which yields it's power to the one who efficiently wields it - figuratively, I'd say that about a peculiar characteristic of one of my skills.

Nah, I'm just bluffing. C'mon, please don't take it seriously. =P

It's... not actually a skill. It's just a stubborn quality of mine that is useful at times, yet had placed me in trouble for several times now.

I'm talking about my seemingly-inherent tendency to make assumptions. I can't really remember when I started relying on them, but I suppose it started back in my school days, particularly during one of my numerous math lessons (which go something like, "now class, assuming that this variable is kept constant despite all the other factors changing as a result of...").

The thing is, I seemed to have developed a reliance on those assumptions that I sometimes don't take every factor in whatever decision I make. There are times, as well, when I just half-assumed the facts instead of obtaining them. Oftentimes, such incidences have led to not-so-good outcomes, and I had to start a few things all over again.

And yet, I still can't stop myself from making assumptions whenever quick facts are presented before me. I find it easier to deduce the information I wanted instead of plainly asking for them. Maybe because it's also because of the nature of my profession (engineering) to make assumptions in dealing with unknowns in the various formulas we use, but yeah, I'm not yet so good at it.

Not so long ago, I tried to just stop assuming altogether, but all my efforts were futile. So, these days I'm just restraining myself from relying on my assumptions. The way I see things at the moment, I'm going on the proper path. I just hope that this path I'm taking really is the best.

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