Friday, 4 July 2008

A Confession at Night

I confess - I gave in. I'm an ordinary human being after all.

A mere human of flesh and bones, I am, yes. But I did not heed the 'call' before. I... I restrained myself, not out of a willingness to follow the rules, but on my own volition. I wanted to prove that I am above such humanity!

But yes, I gave in. Who can blame me for seeking what my body yearns for? Is it not because of 'this' that the existence of the human race is ensured?

Who can point an accusing finger at me, when the act was carried out in secret? There never was any evidence to be found, to begin with. No witnesses around, except for the creeping darkness in the middle of the night. No one, save for myself, to retell the tale of that moment when the wind blowing was oh so cold.


There you go - a written confession. I'm not saying I'm proud to have done it, but there's just no point in denying it. My body yearned for it, and I merely obliged.

So I slept during my shift, any problem with that? Now if you'll excuse me, I'm off to dream land once more.

Note: I really should sleep lest I write something scandalous next. Hehe. =P

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