Wednesday, 25 March 2009

Left Behind

Always bear in mind that with each step you take, you'll leave behind something that may never be the same again.

Monday, 23 March 2009

Weekend Get-away

Here's another one of those posts that are long overdue for, er, posting. It's about how I spent the previous weekend, and for the whole week that immediately followed, I had been trying to blog about it (but never got to, so yeah).

Last year, we got together and dined with style in Isdaan. The year before that, we attended a dinner dance party. And for this year, our group, now unofficially called OSA babies, spent a weekend up north. We went to Baguio and La Union. ^_^

The trip was largely thanks to: 1. Jom's funding (he's fully-loaded 'coz of a good-paying job in the US); and, 2. Jasper's meticulous planning skills (which border on obsessiveness). The weekend get-away is by far one of the most convenient trips I've had, largely due to the rather tight schedule imposed by Lolo Jasper. XD

Our journey began at noon on the 14th, and we arrived at the hotel at 6PM. Dinner was our top priority; we basically fled the hotel quickly after checking in. After the tasty treat, the others opted for boating in the man-made lake of Burnham Park. I had no choice but to get on the frikkin' boat and maintain balance for half an hour (I was scared that my weight was enough to capsize the small water craft). XD

We had coffee after the 30-minute torture boat ride. In between sipping our hot drinks, we had the usual chatter (actually a continuation from the story sharing that began during the 6-hour trip to Baguio) about our lives and plans. After about an hour of laughing our heads off at each others' jokes, we went back to the hotel and had our photo shoot. Lolz. =P

(We actually came up with future business plans while Joms was using his DSLR camera, but I'd keep the minutes of the meeting confidential at the moment.) ~_^

Breakfast the next day was "complimentary" at the hotel, and after we filled our stomachs, we left for Good Shepherd Convent for the_usual_pasalubong. After grabbing the treats, we went to Tam-awan, and had even more photo ops. =P

It was already past noon when we left Baguio City for La Union. We had lunch at around 3PM by Sea Park resort. After posing for several pictures, we stripped down and had fun at the beach. ^_^

By 6PM, we left the beach and made our way to Dagupan, where we had dinner. It was already 9PM when we ate. I was really so hungry the whole time. T~T

Anyway, the whole 36-hour get-away was too fun-filled that we motioned to have another reunion next year. Next stop: Boracay. =P

Sunday, 22 March 2009

Summer Song

The warm winds carry with it a tune of celebration, of exhilaration and excitement, joy and contentment; making up a festive tune with this consonance of sounds, nature's music-makers and people's voices herald the onset of the wondrous season. Ah, summer is here, and the fun now begins!

Whirlpools of emotions and whirlwinds dancing in the air; swirling sounds filled with merriment permeate the atmosphere. The sun is up, the beach lays waiting, pack up the bags, and let's get going! ^___^

Tuesday, 10 March 2009


The best way to live is to live for the present, the future, even the past - far beyond mortality, and even before nascency.

Monday, 9 March 2009


The only problem with freedom is too much of it.