Friday, 4 July 2008


Many times in my life, I tried to do things my way - or so I believed back then. I persisted in what I thought was the best option, unmindful of long-term consequences. Following neither logic nor the promptings of my heart, I sought to defy the almighty powers that be.

Alas! I've been fooled - fooled by my own self into believing that I did what I really wanted. In truth, I never was one to make the decisions that had shaped my fate - the fates seem to have been shaping my decisions for me.

Yes, I'm finally surrendering, giving in to what I refused to believe. Acceptance - it had patiently waited for me to come in all humility. And now I take on my destiny.

Note: This is what I come up with while listening to music that ought to have put me to sleep, but prompted me to write an update instead. Go figure what songs I'm currently listening to. =P

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