Monday, 27 July 2009

Virtual warfare

Alright, I'm currently being addicted to the War of Emperium feature of the private Ragnarok Online server I'm playing. For those who have not a glimmer of idea what that means, let's just say it's about one guild (essentially an organization of players) going head on against another. Of course, it's and inherent feature of the game, but I didn't participate in WoEs while I was playing in the official servers.

And because of my renewed interest, I've gotten a liking to studying warfare particularly through detailed analysis on the shows in a certain cable TV channel about history. =P

AND... I'm again lacking sleep because of it. XD

Edit: I think I'll update this post some other time. =)

Thursday, 23 July 2009



Pardon the rant post, but I hate the damn credit card company. If any of their agents come knocking at your door, or calling you up to offer, IT'S BEST TO SHUT THEM UP BY TELLING THEM THEIR SERVICE SUCKS. And if they ask, tell them Jherskie says so.

Thank you.

Wednesday, 22 July 2009

Ends and beginnings

THE end of the beginning is where the end is beginning.

Monday, 20 July 2009

Half-baked 'blood'

WHILE I can't say I truly detest the film, Harry Potter and the Half-blood Prince, I will not really praise it either. And although many reviews have been positive, I can't say I'll be joining them.

Ladies and gentlemen, I hope you do understand what I mean with this post's title, and read on what I have to say.

For a movie I had been itching to watch for months, 'Half-blood Prince' just doesn't meet its purposes, story-wise. I guess it's due to the fact that they wrote the script as a compromise between die-hard book fans and the regular movie-watchers. With about as much as 80-percent of the original storyline chucked out of the window to fit the 150-ish minutes of screen time, and hordes of scenes suddenly (and magically) inserted, HBP is almost a new universe, if not an alternate reality, to the Potter world.

Alright, I'm being too harsh, I know. But hey, I went to cinema hoping to see "Harry Potter and the Half-blood Prince" the movie. Instead, I was treated to "The prelude to the 2-part movie that will follow". C'mon now, HP and the HBP is a great book in its own right, but why sacrifice the whole film?

Sure the movie's elements are good; superb special effects and stunning graphics coupled with nice cinematography and moving musical scores worthy of the Potter movie series and fandom make up the film. But in between the awesome scenes, particularly in those dull moments, the viewer is left to think, "Lolwut?"

I confess my hearing isn't too well, but I'd contest it isn't too bad either. I swear I never let my eyes leave the screen longer than it took to blink (or check if my wallet's still in my pocket), but I just got lost in translation. Many portions of the story are so muddy I won't have known what's happening had I not read the book several years ago.

And that, in my honest opinion, is where the movie fails big time. They seem to attempt to please us die-hard book fans, and not leave the non-book readers alienated by the story at the same time; but I dare say they didn't meet both targets.

A great matter to note is the identity of the HBP - a very intriguing subject as one sifts through the pages of the book. Really, the movie should've been about him, yet he just said, "I am the HBP," in the end without fanfare. No grandiose explanations. No emotions. Nonsense.

However, one cannot ignore the fact that the 150-ish minutes of screening time are engaging. And although there are several dead scenes - thankfully appearing only for brief moments - the good ones manage to make up for them. In fact, I really applaud everything about the film save the storyline; various emotions and themes are carefully brought together using exactly the best devices to achieve the cinematography I save up movie-ticket-prices for. Yeah, I hate much of the story, but I don't think I wasted my time and money for it.

So all aspects taken into consideration, and with as much objectivity as I can muster, I bestow my rating for the movie that is, "Harry Potter and the Half-blood Prince". Drumrolls please.

*Insert sound effects here*

I give it: 8.5/10

Thursday, 16 July 2009

A post brought to you by the rains

EACH man has his own cross to bear, so they say. I firmly believe that, though at times I need to constantly remind myself that many of my current woes are not considered problems by some. Conversely, others are terrified of things that have not much bearing on my books.

I am in a continuous love-hate relationship with my job, and many times I really do feel like throwing in the towel and walking away. There are many moments when I simply think that I’m just a waste of salary at the office, but of course I realize that I’m useful in several other ways.

And my perpetual lack of direction has its up and downsides as well. I’m usually satisfied with being a feather blown by the winds – getting to places I didn’t know existed. But at the end of the day, I pose the question to myself, "Just where the heck am I headed to?"

There are lots of things I wanna do, so many destinations I desire to see. However, I’m usually out of energy to explore – these days I’m always slouching and passing the time away.

Sloth is such a sultry mistress whose tempting I simply cannot ignore. But she's gone for a moment, and I've got some time. And so here's another update, to this old blog of mine.


A/N: I really hate the strong rains for ruining my plans to watch Harry Potter and the Half-blood Prince this afternoon. But it kinda made up for it by providing some inspiration, and a few rhyming lines, to re-liven this blog.

Sunday, 12 July 2009

Tales of Jherskie the Sage

I met a man once, he was very excited at the time. His wife's pregnant, he said. But at that moment, I knew his son will not be born to see the light of day.

I never got to tell him what I thought was just a figment of my imagination. I haven't seen him after leaving the conference, but the news managed to reach me somehow. His wife had a miscarriage a few weeks after that incident, relayed another acquaintance.

And it was indeed a boy.

A/N: I first gave the name Jherskie to a character in one of my fanfics for the game, Ragnarok Online. Though I never got to finish the story, I still haven't given up and continue dreaming of finishing said fic to this day.

Friday, 10 July 2009

I Am Immortal

NOW, that is the latest in my constantly-growing list of things-I-tell-people-who-ask-when-I'll-change-my-civil-status. I said it in a jest, really, although the girl who inquired didn't seem to think I was joking.

And if you're reading ('coz I have an inkling that you may chance upon this post some time), I really don't know why you thought I'm delusional. It's a joke, for crying out loud! =P

Monday, 6 July 2009

Rambling... or not

For the past seven days, I've been hoping to squeeze in time to blog about this particular topic, yet didn't manage to. And yeah, this is already past due, but WTH. I'm making this (sort of) review anyway.

OK, in a nutshell, it's one of those movies you'd go to the cinemas to watch. Pardon me if I might sound like a hypocrite, but guys, better see this on the big screen. Why? Because that's what this movie is made for.

So what can I say for what many bills as "the worst-reviewed top grossing film of all time"? I. Effing. Love. It.

Yeah, the story's not worth a shot (for being too clumsy and far-fetched). And if lead actress Megan Fox says you watch Transformers 2 Revenge of the Fallen for the action scenes and not the acting, she does mean it. In fact, you'll only disappoint yourself by watching it without the full effects afforded by the movie houses.

The special effects are truly flawless. If they say they spent billions for those, I'm more than willing to buy the idea. While I can't swear the cinematography is equally good (due to some effing scenes that are too unnecessary and downright terrible), I can still say that the movie is a true eye candy in its own right.

To each his own, I guess. But I really do appreciate the film in it's entirety. However, I won't be harping against those that hold a grudge towards it. In the truest sense, they are right. The movie's too dumb, the storyline's too predictable, and the events are totally illogical.

They ask, why did Sam and the others have to find the Matrix of leadership when a sliver of the Allspark is all it took to revive Megatron? Oh that's easy. Optimus is a Prime. And Primes need the Matrix of Leadership to revive them from death. (Lolz, I can't believe I'm acting this silly)

And robots having offsprings? Why not? The viewers can see Wheelie humping, so why can't they have "several generations" that can be "lost in the civil war"? =P

OK, enough with the stupidities. One doesn't need to be a fan to appreciate the movie. Unless you're my mom, who claims to like the first movie more, but that's a different story.

I'm actually willing to overlook a bit of offending portions of the movie, and give it a real review. However, the "Robo Heaven" scene is too corny even for my usual corny standards. I know no other plot device can tie up all the loose ends, but it just ruined the experience.

So, I'm not giving it a grade, unlike in my other mini-reviews in this blog. But I'd still recommend watching it, it's too good to pass. Also, remember Starscream's "Cowards get to live another day" line and Jetfire's father, who was the first wheel. XD

Twelve months

SIX months after this particular post and I find myself thinking again. I did say I'll consider lengthening my stay if I get upgraded. But I'll leave it at that. "Consider" is the key word, and I have 12 more months to ultimately make up my mind. =P