Friday, 18 July 2008

My Decision

Not so long ago, I've come upon a decision, which I still hope and pray to this day that I'll be able to stand by. It was during those numerous moments when I was searching for a path to take, that I resolved to bear in mind always: respect individual free will. That decision stemmed from my belief that there is beauty in everything, and the world is good as it is with all the individual idiosyncrasies that compose it.

Whether people would understand that decision or not is not really of any concern to me. In the first place, it had been a very personal decision - a call I made myself.

Choosing to respect the rights of each and every individual to do things on their own volition is not really a serious matter with world-changing consequences. But the actions of a few individuals may of course affect the world we live in, be it for better or for worse (I'd really prefer the former).

Even now I can't say that my decision is all for the best, but I wanna believe that it is so. Maybe it's because I want to have faith in the goodness of the human spirit, or I simply just don't want to share responsibility for wrong doings committed by others - the bottom line is that I've made my choice and I'll strive to stand by it.

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