Saturday, 30 June 2007


I'm sure many will agree that the month of June is among the least favorite in a year. For students, this marks the start of another school year (and parents also know it is the start of lavish spending on tuition fees, allowances and the likes) :P Moreover, the month is commonly the start of the rainy season; thus all the hassles that floods can bring mainly contribute if the month is not really the most looked forward to.

So now that the month ends in an hour and a half, I decided to make a recap of the events that highlighted my calendar.

I think the foremost has to be the training we (my colleagues and I) underwent so as to master the operations of our new equipment. The trainings and workshops mainly took all the space in my month's activities' list for June, and it took me great planning (and scheming) ^_^ to push another event in my tight schedule at the office.

That event that definitely made my month colorful was the ToyCon at the Megamall. (C'mon, the costumes that the cosplayers wore literally filled the convention with colors) ^_^ Attending that gathering took much of my resources, but it was worth it. I'm actually looking forward to going again next year.

Hmm, what else?

Oh, I've also been a teacher (though only because there was no one available to give out driving lessons, hehe) so that's another point to making my June a time of learning, re-learning, scheming, and mentoring.

I hope the coming month bids well.

Thursday, 28 June 2007


During the times when I'm totally bored and bereft of the usual means with which I spend my leisure time, I'd usually slouch on a corner and allow my brain to freely wander. Doing so generally leads that gray matter to formulate some quotes, or blabber, which so often become the topics of the fics I write.

Just last night, my mind wandered off again and when it returned, it brought with it something to ponder. And that thought is,

"You can be truthful, yet not tell the truth at all."

As of now, I'm still thinking about how true that is (if it is indeed true, in the first place).

Tuesday, 26 June 2007

LATA: Rations' End

So the month of June is rapidly coming to a close. With it, a whole month of technical training/workshops will come to an end.

It seems only yesterday that I was writing my month-ender for May, and yet today I'm planning to do one for June. Anyway, I think the proper recap will be another entry tomorrow (or the day after that) :P I'll just focus on the one thing that will make us (my officemates and I, AKA Team ACeS) feel sad: we're at ration's end. Hehehe...

For the past month, most of the members of Team ACeS underwent intensive seminar workshops in preparation for Project Batavia, which will be launching this July. And during the past weeks, Ericsson was the one providing us with our daily meals. LOLz.

Actually, we were being trained by Ericsson to handle the equipment our company purchased from them. Naturally, it was Ericsson that took charge of most of our needs during the whole duration of the training (what I really meant to say is "Ericsson fed us through the whole month", to put it succintly) ^_^ Now that we are down to the last three days of the workshops, we are slowly realizing how much we've become dependent on them.

Well, life goes on, right. I'm pretty sure there's still much in store for us beyond ration's end.

Sunday, 24 June 2007

Nostalgic Moments

More than two years ago, I came across a flash animation regarding an assasin's story in the massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG), Ragnarok Online. As I was at the height of my addiction then, I was barely reminded of the time when I was just starting out, or the so-called "Beta Days".

It was rather hard to start out then, but still there was great fun in partying with people you just met. Those were the days when reaching the necessary level for eligibility in applying for the first jobs really demanded hard work.

To cut the long story, short, I was then merely comparing how the game had changed (for the worst, some may say).

Yesterday, I saw a thread in Ragnaboards regarding the said flash animation and someone posted this link: RO assasin story. After watching it this time, it came down to me that I really do miss the game (I'm sort of semi-retired). I can't help but reminisce how much I loved the game before. The music just bore through my soul and made me long to go back in time.

Well, I think this is but part of growing up, but at least now I can proudly say that I never did waste my efforts back then. At least when I turn to look back on the pages that make up my life's book, I can say that those were the days when I enjoyed the experience of being a mage :P

Saturday, 23 June 2007

Lessons Among Lessons

I've just realized how really hard it is to teach someone.

Just a while ago, I was teaching an officemate how to drive. Yeah, yeah, I'm not really fully qualified to teach but we can only make do with whatever we have as of the moment. That is, there are really no fully qualified persons right now to teach her so I've volunteered to do the job.

At least she knew the basics, and I did not experience even more difficulty than necessary. She also learned quite fast, so I was never worried that the Ford will crash into the trees (mind you, there are loads of them here).

Actually, I had more difficulty in telling her the theories behind everything; I was even wondering why, even though I wasn't talking loudly, I was rather hoarse halfway through the lesson. It makes me think how all my teachers at school managed to speak day after day in front of noisy students (hey, I didn't contribute much to the noise, huh ^_^)

Anyway, the experience made me reminisce the times when I was also starting out. Back then, may dad used to teach me how to drive using, er, a dilapidated vehicle and I could barely recall how I got the hang of it. Actually, I don't know if I did learn anything back then :P

So I make this mental note: be patient in teaching someone, because others had also used up all their patience on you.

Friday, 22 June 2007

Flipping the Coin to One's Desired Side

Whether the events happening around a person is to his own liking or not is generally a matter by which that individual gauges the happiness that he feels.

I hope that made sense (practically, I think I was just blaberring about that since I was typing while thinking of something else) :P

In essence, someone feels happy when things go his way. When events turn otherwise, he sometimes feel that he is so darn unlucky; dissatisfaction is but an understatement when attempting to describe how he feels.happiness is all about the choices we make, and when and how we make them

Thing is, he can still feel happy even if the thing he desired the most managed to slip away from his grasp when he is just about to have it. He just has to choose to be happy; after all, not everything a person wants is good for himself.

In the end, happiness is all about the choices we make, and when and how we make them.

Thursday, 21 June 2007

LATA (Life at teh ACeS)

I've decided that if topics for blogging have been scarce, I'll be writing about how it is to be a member of Team ACeS (and probably introduce my team since, shockingly, only the members of the Mancom and the Tech Mancom seem to know that we exist in this company) :P

Please be informed that all blog entries with LATA as title will be office-related, so if you're really not interested, just go to Public Static, Philippine Rabbit, Memoirs of a Sad Angel, or if you're still a ragnaddict, Waukeen's or GM Tristan's blogs. I'm primarily writing this series for all the Sikatorse's (and other Smart employees for that matter) out there.

For non-Filipino readers who happen to come across this blog, the word lata means can (sealed container), and that is somehow a good metaphor for the office building. More on that on the next updates :P

First things first, our office is located in Subic Bay Freeport Zone, Olongapo, Zambales. Second, please, please be informed that we are the satellite communications provider of this company (and yeah, we're satellite engineers, cool huh? LOLz). Now that those are cleared up, it's time to tell something about office life.

We're basically near Zoobic Safari and Ocean Adventure, though I haven't been there yet. We're also just a few kilometers away from good beaches and swimming spots. So you'd probably think that my weekends are probably spent wisely, and that I'm having the time of my life. Sadly, I'm not.

It's not because I'm too busy, or anything, to actually go out. On the contrary, the shifting schedule at the office is conducive for some gala (strolling) as we rarely need to do overtime work. The reason is that there is no means of transportation to actually go there.

Sure feels like you're in the middle of all the action, yet you're not really there.

And that pretty much describes how ACeS exists in the organization; we'll be one of the launch pads for the company's push for internationalization yet only a few employees really know who we are.

But not if I can help it ^_^

Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the LATA (Life at Teh ACeS) series, where you'll read about monkeys and geckos, as well as owlflies and other bugs, and probably learn more about telephony and intersatellite communication systems. LOLz ^_^

Wednesday, 20 June 2007

A Soul's Weakness

I've had this book, "Exorcism, Encounters of the Paranormal and of the Occult", for quite a while now though I've only managed to read through the first half of it (because I'm either too lazy to read it, or I'm too busy at work). The book is written by a priest, whose name I don't recall (and I'm too lazy to get the book from our barracks to actually check), and basically deals with (you got it right!), exorcism.

Through the priest's point of view, the book provides an in-depth insight on one of the Catholic Church's least studied ritual and weapon of deliverance. Owkie, I won't delve much more on the book's content as I'm not planning to write a review (as if the book needs one, right?).

If there's one thing I've taken from the many points the book is raising, it'd be that demons take advantage of one's weakness. In the book, father writer says that the evil entities uses one's vulnerabilities (the demons have ways to find your most vulnerable spot) as an entry point to break in and cause mayhem.

Which brings me to think about the matter of sloth, one of the seven capital sins as viewed by the Church. Yup, I admit to being lazy such that I'd wish to have psychokinetic abilities to open up the bathroom door. That, or have the things I'm supposed to be getting to zoom within my grasp (I'd pretty much like the book to be within my arm's reach without actually walking to the third floor).

What's the connection, you may ask. It's just that father writer explicitly states that demons will use all form of temptation to bring you to hell, and psychic phenomena/manifestations/skills are among them. So I'm left to ponder, will sloth/laziness be not much of a reason for my soul to burn in hell?

I mean, here I am too lazy for my own comfort and wanting something they can readily hand over. They'd basically don't need to exert much effort to tempt me, yet they don't seem interested a bit. Does that imply that I'm not that interesting that even demons don't find me among the souls they wanna have with them in that fiery furnace they call their hangout?

Sunday, 17 June 2007

Name Game

Like many Pinoys of my generation, I have two English first names.

I do remember that it was rather frustrating having to write "Jerri Michael Ambion" across a sheet of pad paper for every subject, every day of the school year when I was in elementary. During those times when I was begining to learn how to write, I was more concerned with the length of my name; imagine using those fancy-colored pencils to write an eighteen-letter name in a span of time that is sufficient enough for your seatmate to write hers twice. And add the fact that very few people would call you by your whole name, and you might understand why a seven-year old student would beg for a shorter one.

For sure, you'd say that we have nicknames for that. Speaking of which, my mom once mentioned that she didn't give much thought about my nickname. That is the reason why I am addressed Michael at home until now. (Just a few years ago, Mom said that she should have considered JM instead of Michael; I wish she did.)

When I started studying at St. Paul, my teachers used to call me Jerri Michael. But I think they'd dropped the Michael after some time, and that was why I am known as Jerri at school.

Personally, I didn't mind; after all, Michael is such a common name. I remember that I never ran out of classmates who were named Michael. But Jerri is more uncommon; I don't recall coming across any Jerry, Gerry, or Jerri's until I went to WU-P during college (I had a classmate named Gerry for a semester). Well, that's why I never made any effort to think of a new nickname even after studying. ^_^

Among all those numerous interviews I had (job interviews, scholarship interviews, etc.) one of the first few questions never failed to include, "What is your nickname?" My reply had been the same: Jerri at school, Michael at home, please feel free to choose :P (those were the times before I started to use Jherskie as my pseudonym in cyberspace, or I'd have included that as well)

At least I get to use both of the first names, unlike my two officemates who also have two English first names: Michael Allen and Michael Arthur. Michael Allen's nickname is Myk while Michael Arthur is Mic. But since both are pronounced the same way, life in the office takes a turn into confusion especially when the phone rings, and the caller is looking for "Mike." Here's a sample conversation...

Phone rings. Jherskie (that'd be me ^_^) picks it up.

Jherskie: ACeS, good morning (or afternoon, or evening, whichever).

Caller: Uhm, hello. Can I talk to Sir Mike/Michael?

Jherskie: Er... Which Mike?

And that's not including the instances when the caller has an Indonesian accent, and who'd start talking so fast like, "Hello Michael, regarding our current testing equipment's configuration..." without first allowing you to explain that he's talking to the wrong Michael.

To differentiate between the two, I made up a naming convention based on the spelling of their nicknames: Myk is YK while Mic is IC. So we used to have conversations like this a few months ago...

Jherskie: YK is going down today after the E1 shift, while IC will go up in time for the L2 shift.

Macel (an officemate): Ah, Okie. Roger that. So I can go to the mall by 2PM and come back up here before 10PM...

Jherskie: Please bring up some food with you. Hehe.

We still call them that way these days, but only when necessary. We've already adjusted to those two, at any rate.

But when I feel like it, I'd join the confusion and the poor caller will have three Mike's to look for.

Just a side note, my name wasn't the longest in the class back in first grade. Jenn Aure Marie Villaroza (I hope I got the spelling right), or Jenn, had. I don't recall her complaining about it, though. Come to think of it, I wasn't talking to her (and most of the class for that matter) since I was too much of an introvert back then.

Friday, 15 June 2007

Master of Time

It's 1:38 in the morning and I should be sleeping. Really I should.

I'm still doing overtime here at the office (if you can call blog updating, overtime) :P Honestly, I'm still trying to finish a presentation that is needed today but I can't find enough time since I can't hurry the switches to speed up their counting (pretty technical circuit interrogation). Add to that the fact that I must be back here at the office at around 8:30, and I'm pretty sure you'd know that I'm left with barely 6 hours of sleep (I usually get 8 hours of sleep daily).

It's during times like these that I wish I had my own time-turner or something so that I could do more. There had to be loads of times when I sincerely wished I'd be master of time.

Monday, 4 June 2007

Annual Tradition

Now that my daily routines are back to normal, I've gotten enough time to reflect and reminisce. That contest sure did drain a lot out of me, but at least I still get to function properly with whatever brain juice I have left.

Anyway, I just realized that I'd been having an annual tradition for the past four years. It took me all that time to figure out that once a year, I find myself cramming myself to the point of working continuously for about 48 hours or more.

The earliest of such event that I can remember was during my final year in college. Back then, I had to finish my thesis that was due the next day (and all I had finalized at that moment was the introduction!). A year later, I was reviewing for the board exams when this cosplay competition caught my fancy. The following year (last year specifically), I joined the cosplay contest again.

This year, it was for the animax contest.

But looking back on all those four events, I could say that only two of them had given me good results: my thesis got a good grade, and I was able to make it to the finals in my initial try at cosplay. My second attempt at portraying a game character was nonetheless a disaster, and I'd really want to forget it.

Then there's still the animax contest entry I crammed into fulfilment: "Jorg: Metaphysical Alchemy".


Results are due by next month, but I'm not that hopeful. A friend of mine was unimpressed with the final draft, so I won't be surprised if it doesn't make the cut.

Well, I guess there's always next year. I can always continue my tradition :p

Saturday, 2 June 2007

Jorg: Metaphysical Alchemist

The title of this blog entry is the project I submitted to the Animax Awards. But I won't delve much on that matter, I might violate some rules.

Well, I decided to use the title in order for me to remember everything I've given up just to meet the deadline. First of those things would be: SLEEP. I worked on that entry for 24 hours straight in order to bring things to conclusion. I've also given up my weekend, continuously typing my time away when I should be enjoying my rest days.

It's been more than two days since I submitted J:MA to animax, but I still need to catch up on my sleep. I think I'll start now.