Wednesday, 9 July 2008


For a superhero movie, I expected more. That, in a nutshell, is what I can say about the movie I watched yesterday. I mean, the ticket price was the same as with Wanted, yet Hancock had me thinking in the end, "Did I or did I not just waste my time (and money)?"

Oh, by the way, if you're a fan of the movie, please stop reading this post and check out the other blogs I usually frequent (links are on the right portion of the page). I can't promise that this post will be a good read if you are a true blue Hancock fan.

A very short screening time with an equally pointless plot - if I had known that Hancock was about those, I wouldn't have bothered to watch it. I admit I was enticed with the movie trailers on TV, but I didn't expect that that was all there was to it.

Yeah, yeah, I'm a bit pissed with the movie since it didn't even meet my minimum criteria. And to think I sacrificed precious hours of sleep, went to work on the morning shift, and scrammed like hell from the office as soon as my shift ended just to ensure enough time for me to watch the movie twice if ever. But no, I couldn't even stand to waste time staying in the cinema as soon as the credits rolled.

Okay, Hancock's not a total waste, I admit. The visuals are good enough, to say the least. But I don't need a movie to know how important common sense is. As in, if a pissed person told you not to call him/her an asshole/crazy/f*ing deepshit, you know you shouldn't cross the line (especially if the one you're planning to call an asshole/crazy/f*ing deepshit can easily throw you to kingdom come afterwards).

And no, I still don't believe that divorce is an option. Just no.

Note: I did say I'll put a review of Witch of Portobello, but I just had to put this one first. I'm just
f*ing mad. At myself, for even thinking the movie would deserve the ticket price.

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