Monday, 2 November 2009


THE hardest thing to find is that which was never lost at all.

Friday, 30 October 2009

Caught in the midst of things

IN as much as I would want to say that I had been lazing about and I had neglected this corner of the web, I know very well that that will not be truthful. But not totally, for being wrapped within sloth's welcoming embrace had been instrumental for the very long inactivity in this blog. Also, the previous entry before this isn't really counted, as it was done for a particular advocacy.

Caught in the midst of things pretty much sums up all the reasons I can put forward as to why the last real update had been in September. I'm not complaining though, since at the very start of the year I had plainly stated I'm putting my personal thoughts on second as I prioritize my career.

There are moments though, very precious and few if I have the liberty to add, when I just can't put anything before my desire to sit in a special corner and allow my thoughts to conjure prose that will truly embody the ideas flowing around in my head. Now, when such instances happen to coincide with the availability of time, or urgency of need, I manage to update and enliven this blog.

However, such occurrences got rarer and rarer as tons of work-related tasks filled my schedule. And as of the moment, I'm caught in the midst of anticipation and preparation for another storm that threatens the country.

In their truest sense of "corporate responsibility", my bosses stationed me to what we may call the "front lines" in this line of duty I belong to. Staying in this hotel since last night, though, gave me the opportunity to relax (sort of) and write; the typhoon is expected to hit land in two to four hours but there is but trickles of rain and mild breeze where I'm at.

Therefore, I take the liberty to write something down, to remind me that I must not give up on the plans I've already set. And as I go about doing things according to plan, I still must not set aside everything that truly defines who I really am, even if I'm too caught up in the midst of things.

Friday, 16 October 2009

Blog Action Day: Climate Change

DESPITE the apparent inactivity of this blog, truth be told, I had been spending the past weeks more and more online than I usually did. I blame my laziness, foremost, for the lack of updates, although mental exhaustion from work is really the main culprit.

Anyway, I just had to put this one up, so as to at least comply when I signed up for the blog action day initiative. Yeah, yeah, I missed the event by a day. But I had forgotten about the dates (time does fly by so quickly especially if you’re busy), and I didn’t realize I should’ve updated at least last night.

This year’s Blog Action Day is focused on climate change. Frankly, I don’t think anything I’ll be saying had not been said before, but I’ll say my piece nonetheless.

Climate change is no longer just a theory proposed to make humans feel guilty enough to take care of mother earth. The past disasters here in the Philippines (which are among the things I would’ve blogged about had I not been caught in the midst of preparations) readily shows us the ugly face of the changing world.

People should be more and more aware of the ill-effects of neglecting the environment. For my part, I join initiatives such as this blog action day (sort of, at least). However, knowing that something should be done is but scratching the surface; it is in ACTUALLY DOING WHAT SHOULD BE DONE that targets can be achieved.

I wouldn’t like to blame anyone, but I do agree that developed countries should put more effort in cleaning up the mess that they had accumulated through the years. C’mon now, they got rich because they neglected the environment, why not clean up their mess?

What I really want to say now is this: the best option for all of us is in coming up with TRULY RENEWABLE ENERGY. Instead of merely trying to curb the ill-effects, which are not sure to reducing risks, why not think of moving on and diminishing the damages along the way?

As of now, there isn’t really any GREEN energy readily available. The closest maybe is solar, but solar panels and batteries aren’t totally environmentally-friendly, when you think of it. I’m afraid that we may just be solving a few problems and creating new ones instead.

Such are the mistakes we have done in the past; the great amount of intoxicants in the air – mostly generated by burning fossil fuels – reached the levels they are now because people used to think that they’re cheap and they’re the best energy sources at that time. But history had proven otherwise; and the people of today are falling victims due to past failings wrought about by nothing else than greed.

But let’s move on. The human imagination is among our infinite resources; there are plenty of promising options that can lead us to a better tomorrow. Hand in hand, perhaps we can see a brighter sky over the horizon when get our acts together in the proper harmony. There’s still hope, let’s take our chances.

Friday, 4 September 2009

All in a day's work

IT used to be that Jherskie and Heights are like oil and water. But these days, things like these following pictures are part of a day's work.

Sorry for the short updates. I've been meaning to blog about the usual stuff, but I'm usually very much exhausted these days.