Friday, 25 July 2008

A Possibility(?)

IF I had just managed to keep track every time, I might have enough data by now to contest whether it may really be attributed to just coincidence. Oh, what I am talking about? Nothing really =P

Lately I just keep noticing that about 90 percent (or more) of the time, I'd be receiving text messages on my phone whenever I touch it. YRLY. SRSLY. I dunno if this phenomenon is just pure coincidence or what, but the almost-mathematical accuracy is just getting on my nerves.

Just picture this, every time I'm at home I have this habit of putting my cellphone on top of the PC table (for easy access). My work (which extends even to the periods when I'm off-duty) ensures that I receive more than enough calls/texts than the average cellphone user, so whenever I'm at home I try to distance from it as much as possible. And just about every time I feel the need to take a peek at my phone, a message will suddenly pop up - whether be it work-related, or any other message from my friends.

And that is what makes me curious. Why do I always feel the urge to touch my phone just a couple of seconds before a message arrives? Had I ever welcomed the absurd possibility, I'd be claiming now that the nature of my job had made me sensitive to radio waves that I have a working RF antenna somewhere within my body. =P

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