Tuesday, 29 July 2008

Dark and Light, Dull and Bright

EVERYONE has a tendency to be evil, but everyone is also predisposed to be good. That pretty much sums up the main point of "Batman: Dark Knight." Yeah, yeah, it's already old news but I managed to watch the movie on the big screen just a few hours ago.

Owkay, to that summation I'd wholeheartedly agree. I for one am a believer in the inherent goodness in everyone and everything, and I also acknowledge that even the thinnest paper has two sides. But if I am to give my own rating to Dark Knight, I'd give it only a 7.5/10.

Sure, the movie ticket is more than worth it. Actually, the movie is lengthy (and dragging at some points) by my standards. I've lost count of how many times I glanced at my watch to check the time, and after the movie I just couldn't stand right away (as if my legs have decided to sleep there and then).

Dark Knight is fine over-all, the acting is good as well as the direction and cinematography. Effects are quite well and not overdone (I really loved how the hospital was blasted to smithereens, hehe). I suppose there weren't over- and under-exposure of some scenes (because frankly, I've lost track at one point or another). But I'm not satisfied with the story, and I think that a different script would have fared better.

AANNDDD... I'd have to disagree with that cellphone SONAR thing. I don't suppose mobile phone manufacturers would design SONAR-capable handsets even if they were directed to (and I won't believe they'd ever be ordered to do just that). I won't say it's a stupid idea, but I'm not saying it's a bright one in the first place.

On to the next movie, I suppose. Good night! (^^,)

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