Sunday, 22 February 2009

Defining 'frantic'

In the immediately preceding post, which I posted 4 days ago, I did mention about "frantic efforts" to lose weight ("subcutaneous fats in particular"). I believe it's but proper to expound on this and share how I really define "frantic."

But before everything else, I suppose I'd give this whole post justice by providing some background information about me, myself, and I my never-ending struggle to get leaner.

I was a healthy child way back when, with 'healthy' meaning "not sickly and with strong constitution, able to run away most of the time in the game of tag, harang-taga, langit lupa impyerno, im, im, impyerno and whatnots" and not necessarily with too much layers of flabs to look like the Michelin mascot. Although my childhood wasn't necessarily too full of happy memories, I could at least pride myself in saying that once upon a time, I could tease someone as baboy (pig), taba (rotund) or whatever term was uso back then.

The problem began when I entered the stage of puberty, which also coincided with the time when I started to get high grades in class (I leave you, dear readers, with the task of imagining how the two are connected). ^_^ Basically, my BMI increased and my waistline grew a tad more than what is appropriate for a normal kid. But, back then I didn't mind. I was growing, and people say it's part of growing up (along with acne, breaking voices, and others that I know you can still recall).

I breezed through my remaining student years getting a bit more plump than what I would've wanted. Mind you, though, that during my college years I was already thinking of getting a leaner frame. But the bottom line is, my body wasn't my priority, even if I was starting to hate how I look. ~_~

If I could have spent more time (and resources) back then, I know I would. However, time and money were two things I never had in great quantities back in those days, and pushing my grades to the pinnacle was all I could do to ensure a brighter future.

Nonetheless, the time came for me to get this battle started. It was during the review for the board exams. The usual low budget + stress brought about by reading tons of materials and recalling insane amount of mind-boggling formulas + adjusting to a new, polluted environment had provided a valuable by-product: fat reduction. =P

It's been (nearly) 5 years, and I can still smell the fresh paint (sorry, just can't help but quote from a favorite movie of mine) remember the joy I felt whenever people would say Ang laki naman ng ipinayat mo... Harhar!

Anyway, the succeeding 2 years had me going through enough stress to keep my weight at bay. Nonetheless, something happened last year that totally ruined everything. I was transferred here in my present team. XD

Well, for the past year I had been neglecting my health too much that I gained back all the weight I've previously lost. And now I'm stuck again with my old BMI. :(

Thing is, my favorite season is fast approaching, and with it are plans for some supposed-to-be-memorable weekend get-aways. This fact had this immense pressure upon me to get that body I had been striving for. I just can't go to the beach looking exactly this way. I. Must. Do. Everything. In. My. Power. >:[

Hopefully, this rather short lengthy background information had covered all the vital facts. Time to get to the main point of this post: my definition of 'frantic.'

They say that a picture paints a thousand words, so maybe I can save enough space for those thousand words by putting this picture up:

I had to divert a lot of my almost-always-limited funds to buy this baby. We've been together for more than a month now, but I'm yet to see any favorable developments. XD

However, aside from the sad development that there are still no good developments, there's a spreading rumor that the company will be foregoing the annual, customary, Team Celebration and Planning. D:

Talk about bad luck. XD

Wednesday, 18 February 2009

Not in the Best Mood

I really am not in the best mood at the moment. There are just so many events that took place recently, and they really do not leave the kind of memories you'd like to cherish.

Several years ago, I wrote in an essay that I'd like to live my life to the fullest and, one day, sit back and reminisce at how colorful my past would have been. I had always striven to fulfill just that, though at times I'd like to shoot myself in the head for trying out a few things I shouldn't have.

And right now, there are just so many of those "few things" that I'd wish I can undo. Too bad CTRL+Z doesn't work in real life, or else this post would have been entitled otherwise.

Well, I got involved in a vehicular accident about 3 weeks ago, and although I'm thankful there weren't any serious injuries, I can't help but get frustrated with the daily commute I'm forced to face until the insurance company releases the payment for the repairs. And speaking of said insurance company, the process may take a few months if the crew of the repair center is to be believed (the insurance company is notorious daw for it).

Of course, my professional career is not at it's brightest point again, with me almost changing my career path from a telecoms engineer to a computer programmer/accountant/PR officer.

But among my great frustrations is the fact that I'm still gaining weight (subcutaneous fats in particular) despite my frantic efforts to lose them. XD

If not for several fall back plans that prove to be working (and some back-ups that do not serve their intended purpose), I'm still able to keep myself afloat and not sink into another bout of depression. For one, I'm well aware that it'll take too much to get back up.

But most of all, I just can't afford to break down any time soon. There's light far beyond the horizon, no matter how faint it may seem, and the mere possibility of a slightly brighter tomorrow is all it takes to keep me going even if I'm not in the best mood.

Friday, 13 February 2009

A Breather

Tonight I take a breather from the_usual_stuff I do to get paid. It had been two weeks since I last updated with a real post, and I just have lots of things to blog about. Sadly, I still don't have enough time to blog about them all. D:

As always, I'm merely pushing myself to take my pen again (figuratively, that is) and come up with something that will at least tell you, the very few of you who usually drop by (you know who you are), that I'm still not giving this blog up. =P

But of course, this post is a bit special from the_usual_advisories. Tomorrow's Valentine's Day, and we all need to take a breather from the_usual_stuff that eat up most of our time. ^_^

Happy Valentine's Day! =)

Thursday, 12 February 2009


Sometimes, the best way to help another is to just listen; lending an ear, and empathizing with what someone has to say, is often more beneficial than it seems.