Thursday, 26 April 2007

Summer Wind

I’ve always loved the summer season.

The time when many flowers bloom and trees are laden with fruits, the same period that many took to merriment, and the season for endless enjoyment brought about by the immense energy of the sun – the hot months of summer.

I always enjoyed the summer coz happiness and gladness abound. Hospitality is increased a ten-fold, with the great movement brought about by the people’s need to go somewhere else. Ah, the magic of summer!

If there is one thing that I hate about summer, aside from the sudden rise in expenses due to sojourns to faraway destinations, is the great heat that makes summer, summer.

Anyway, what is summer if it’s not hot?

So while I'm here typing away as usual as the intense heat tries to penetrate the roof, I am carried to some distant past. A time when all that summer means is fun - back during my younger years.

I know I’ve always hated the heat, but I do remember that summer never became hotter than what I could tolerate. Or could this perhaps be just because I really love the warmth?

But looking back on the many memorable summers I've had reveals that once the heat nears its peak, most of the time during the afternoons, great summer winds come to blow it away. It could be kinda funny that during summer, the winds could blow coolly, even when everywhere is too hot. This phenomenon I’ve always remembered as a happy one.

Right now, I’ve almost missed the summer season because of work. The demand of my current responsibilities are somehow keeping me away from my beloved summer season. This is why I try to make it a point to enjoy every bit of vacation that I could take from work.

Work at the office is generally the same dull, monotonous and repetitive procedure of daily routines that remain constant throughout the whole year. Being encased in a temperature-controlled, secure facility, the work generally takes one’s mind away from any hint of the country’s various season that is rampaging just beyond the walls of the building.

Just a few days ago, the heat went to almost the highest it could. Even so, as I was in the building for the past 2weeks, I couldn’t part with my beloved jacket (during work) or my blanket (at bedtimes). While everyone else is complaining about the heat (my family included), I was somewhere within the building, trying to keep myself warm.

And so came my rather much-awaited rest days. I immediately went home to my hometown but since I traveled during the cool afternoon period (on board an airconditioned bus), I never really apprieciated the summer heat.

Things were a little different at home, however, as compared to the office. Everyone was geared up for the heat (or it may be proper to use the term, dressed down for the summer), telling me that the heat was too unbearable.

Well, I know the heat could be such a pain, but I no longer recall any moment that summer became too hot for MY comfort. So I just went to bed, not thinking much about how hot the next day could be.

Lo and behold, the cool summer winds started to blow when the place was starting to warm up. Everyone was thankful, and nobody even asked why.

But still, I’m just curious about this phenomenon. Anyway, it makes me happy that the winds are here, keeping me company on a what-could-have-been-really-hot afternoon.

I really love the cool afternoon summer winds. I bet every kid does, especially those yearning to fly their kites.

By the way, I never did get to fly my own kite but I really do love the wind. It somehow whispers in my ear, that I’m truly at home.