Wednesday, 9 January 2008

2008 Plans of Action

I feel quite compelled to jot down the things I plan to accomplish this year. Don't ask me why, I just feel so. Anyway, with the new year I thought that I've got to change some things and put the following into action:

  1. Get more focused on/be more serious with my job. It may be quite early for it, but i intend to prove to myself that I'd be worthy of promotion by the end of the year. And yeah, becoming more mature is somewhat a bit overdue already. Well, I did decide to allot the previous year to things that I missed in my younger days so that I could move on to becoming a more competent, young professional (take note: I still don't want to think of myself as old) :P

  2. WORK OUT SOME MORE. This should actually be on top priority as I'm setting a target of having a leaner body in time for the summer season. But since I'm still hoping that the company I work for will shoulder the expenses for my supposed trip to Boracay, I've decided to set this target to a lower position so as to make myself more worthy of company funds. Hehe!

  3. Learn more, know more. I've been in team ACeS for a year already and I still have not an in-depth mastery of all the various subsystems and equipment. Of course the company doesn't really expect more than a working experience, but I guess I'll set it as my own goal to have that thorough knowledge.

  4. Finish paying all my loans and not add up more unnecessary expenses. Need I elaborate? Haha. Anyway, my company cellphone loans will be paid in full by the middle of the year. My credit card loans, on the other hand, will be fully paid within the first half of the year provided I follow my payment schedules. So there, I'm hoping to be debt-free within the year.

  5. No more complaining about mundane stuff, especially with HR. Particularly with HR. I've decided to move on and let by-gones be by-gones, coz if I continue thinking about the things I hate most about the HR department, I won't be going anywhere.

  6. Open up to more business opportunities. :D Last year, I tried my hands on a few. Sadly, nothing prospered. But I guess I'll try again this year, but I'll choose the best investments before setting forth.

There they are. And of course, the common word for all my plans is "more." These courses of action are but extension of my activities last year, I just got to exert more effort into them this year.

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