Thursday, 5 June 2008

Meeting in Mangaholix

Mangaholix, for those folks who do not know, is a convention for manga (Japanese comic books) fanatics. For this year, the convention was held last Saturday in the SMX convention center at the SM Mall of Asia. It was actually the first time for me to attend this annual gathering, since there were some conflicts in my schedule last year.

I really wasn't going, since I'm not that much of a manga collector (I'm more into anime and gaming). However, the Mangaholix presented an opportunity for me to meet a few friends I haven't seen in a while. And since it's in MoA, I could look for a few things I wanted to buy that aren't available in my area. But most of all, I could get as far away from work as I could possibly can (without sacrificing much money!). =P

So here's a recap of that fun-filled day: unlike during my other previous trips to the capital city, I was able to leave home quite early. Not exactly early as in very early, but I think I was the first to arrive in the convention (to think that I was coming from the farthest location among the friends I'm meeting up). ^_^

Since I was first to arrive, I was able to look around in the convention (the venue wasn't big, as it was only half of the SMX), eat lunch, and shop around in the mall (yep, you got it right! I used my credit card yet again). After the quick lunch, I went back to SMX and met up with Anna and Jet (who just came back from Hong Kong and gave me a souvenir). We went around again, taking pictures of cosplayers and checking anime DVDs here and there. Not long afterwards, Mikan and Jason arrived, and we talked a bit before the two headed out to the mall.

Actually, Jason aka CoolBlue was cosplaying that day as Lelouche from the anime, Code Geass (of which I still don't know anything). Jason and Mikan went to the mall so that his hair could be fixed by a hairstylist, while Jet, Anna and me went back again to 'doing the rounds.' However, the other two returned shortly, since the service fees of the hairstylists are just too much.

Solution? Ehem... Ladies and gentlemen, announcing the opening of "Fanfare Secret Beauty Parlor." Hehe. =P

It seemed that the Lelouche character is quite popular; there were several requests for pictures even before Jason's hair was done (hair and make up courtesy of Mikan and Anna). Addy of the Ragnaboards joined us shortly; she was also cosplaying a character from a video game (again, I knew nothing about the character she was portraying). Her costume was great! ^^, (I dunno if I have good pictures, though).

From then, our 'rounds' changed to acting as PA for Jason, who was swamped with photoshoot requests as we went around the convention (Addy was with us just for a few minutes; she left the group and went on her own rounds).

Then, the group cosplay began. The group had to disband so as we could get good views of the stage. And although the presentations could really improve with several practice, the group cosplay was quite fun to watch. I never got to take pictures, though, as I was too far from the stage to get good shots.

Sadly, I had to leave immediately after the group cosplay. My trip was on tight budget, hehe. There was no choice but to leave early, so as my transportation expenses could be kept to a minimum. I was able to meet Kishuku Sou and Itoshiki Zetsuboushita (both from RB, too) for a while. Oh yeah, saw Raistlin as well, but as he was trying to stay inconspicuous or something (duh, as if a guy could be inconspicuous while wearing a pink polo shirt), we weren't able to talk since he didn't join the group.

After saying my good byes, I hurriedly left and took a bus, a jeep, another bus, and a motorbike and got home early in the evening. All in all, it had been a great day. It would have been better if I had money to spend on the DVDs (I was eyeing a few titles), or to at least stay a bit longer to watch the last day of the Pyrolympics. Oh well, at least that's something I'd look forward to watch next year. =)

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