Tuesday, 17 June 2008

For Before Seven is Not Six

After I finished FFIX on my PSP several weeks ago, I decided to finish another game that had been staying in my Alicia's memory (teh PSP, for the new readers of this blog) for such a long time - Final Fantasy Crisis Core. Yeah, I know this game is several months old already but I don't follow the trends anyway. XD

While there was so much hype regarding the game before it was released, I daresay that I didn't enjoy it as much. Actually, I played it as a prerequisite of sort to it's sequel, Final Fantasy VII, which I plan to play next. I won't exactly say that it wasn't worth all the effort finishing the game, but I do have something against the main protagonist dying in the end for no important reason (except to serve as a basis for the story's continuation).

On to the next game, I suppose. =P

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