Sunday, 15 June 2008

Fundamental Steps

I am really one to believe that there are fundamental steps that must be undertaken in whatever process there is. Be it simple procedures on solving certain types of problems, to meticulous ways of cooking (for shows such as Iron Chef and Cooking Master Boy), even to walking the steps of life - all these share a common core, that is there are things that should never be forsaken.

Among those fundamental steps in walking in the path of life, is one thing that is best put in words by a popular Filipino saying, "And di lumilingon sa pinanggagalingan, di makakarating sa paroroonan" (Those who do not look back at their past, will never arrive into the future they want to be in). In other words, it is imperative that people reflect on the decisions and experiences that had all passed, and use these memories to better shape the future ahead.

I had always tried to look back into my previous experiences so as, most importantly, not to repeat past mistakes. However, there are many instances that I keep repeating the same errors over and over again (meaning, I kept getting low grades way back when, among other things). Blame it on my constant memory loss, and whatnots. Lately, I've been noticing that I'm forgetting more and more things as the days progress.

But no, I'm not making excuses or anything. I had been one to put in security measures and tons of backup plans to ensure things will go on quite smoothly. But then, there are trivial things that I don't notice, and thus do not prepare for. (These days, I'm trying to find ways to compensate for those.)

Of course, there are other methods that are, although unreliably random, sure to work. An adviser of mine, back in college, for example, was quick to point out one of my inherent weakness. This college professor of mine was with us for a bit of office immersion, and I was discussing about our workflow processes. A couple of explanations on this and that, and he remarked that I never changed. But I won't be divulging that weakness here in my blog. =P

So there, a fundamental step that I must undertake in order to move on to a better future - to look back and revisit who I really am. There are several matters that need to be addressed, and several more steps to be undertaken. But although the steps may be numerous, a Chinese saying does go this way, "The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step."

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