Sunday, 15 June 2008

The Connection

Now that I've gone on a reminiscing mode, one thing that immediately came up from the deep well that I call my memory just makes me grateful for my decision to have a broadband internet connection. Ah, I can still recall: sleeping early in the night, just to wake up past midnight because the dial-up internet connection was free (due to a very popular promo by a then-very popular ISP). Those were the days, and I'm sure there are several others like me acting as though vampires - staying awake through the night.

Ever since my mom got me my first PC (I lay claim on it, harhar!), I had developed a connection to cyberspace that had me entwined in the numerous webpages that I had visited all these years. There's the ever-useful email which I still check on a daily basis, as well as forum boards wherein I interact with others (although I'm really trying to distance myself from Ragnaboards these days as part of my quit-RO scheme), and most recently, streaming pages where I watch anime.

And then it dawned to me just a couple of days ago, I am (and I think I'll forever be) an anime-tard. XD (Google it up, I won't explain what the term is.)

Back in those days when I first stayed up in the early morning just to surf the net for free, I mostly spent my time downloading anime MP3s and other anime whatnots. Most of those stuff are still on my hard disks (I have an obsession for archiving everything, actually), although I rarely check them out these days.

Then came the game that changed everything - Ragnarok Online. I spent more and more time awake in the "free" hours because of that game (and thus, my addiction heightened). But now that I'm keeping myself away from Midgard, I've reverted to my former interest - anime.

Yeah, Shakugan no Shana's third season is still not within the horizon, and neither is Spice and Wolf's second. The final episode of Clannad will be out by next month (so they say), but I've already watched the movie version anyway.

One thing I had realized is that there are loads more out there. Hehe. Getting the connection is indeed a good decision for me. =P

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