Tuesday, 17 June 2008


You may say it's a gift, and you may also call it a curse.

Years of learning have so greatly imbibed several characteristics upon me, and I just can't throw them away even if I wanted to. Quite a double-edged sword, actually, but they do come in handy at times.

Oh well, as a kid, I was always fascinated with how things work. But, mind you, I never did dismantle toys and whatnots (since I didn't have any to tinker with), but I did my best to research their functions and processes.

Now that I'm a full-pledged engineer, my curiosity is still the same as ever, albeit on a different level. I'm no longer interested (much) on the mechanisms behind the objects I used to fancy since I have studied most of them back in college. XD

However, the engineer in me wouldn't let any opportunity pass without having the chance to apply the engineering principles I've studied. Call it an obsession if you want to, but I can't just let any decision go by without first balancing the different equations and extracting that which will provide the maximum output for the minimum amount of effort.

Worse, the mathematician in me would try to deduce everything into the most basic formulas, just for the sake of simplifying things (thanks algebra... lolwut!). And this peculiar habit of mine, as I've noticed, had become quite second nature that even the anime that I watch, and the books I read, are automatically reduced to the simplest equations, and the basic elements of the plot segregated and separately studied. I need not stress further that most of the time, I'm able to accurately predict how the events will unfold based on the empirical data presented during the build up.

However, knowing the formula is largely different from knowing how to use them. Perhaps this is why I'm still kinda frustrated as a writer. I know the proper elements that will make up a hit, yet I can't mix them up properly to even make up a decent story.

I guess this peculiar habit of mine will be staying with me for a bit more time. Being an engineer is a path I've chosen, so I've got to accept everything that goes with it.

Oh, just blabbering, by the way. =P

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