Thursday, 5 June 2008

Dealing with depression

I can at least claim that I know myself a bit more than before. A few years ago, I would never have understood why I was feeling blue at times. Nowadays, I fully realize just what's happening to me, and how best to deal with it.

My bouts of depression are a good example. Just a few days ago, I've gotten over one using a method I've worked out over the past months.

I found out that to deal with such ill-feelings, it's best (at least in my case) to find out the root causes and address each and every contributing factor. If no remedy occurs for one or two factors, search for a good alternative that will at least make up for it.

For instance, my recent depression was largely instigated by some dissatisfaction at work. No, it's not about the transfer (on the contrary, the transfer couldn't have been better timed) but rather the still-ongoing performance appraisal. Frankly put, I was after the salary increase that comes with it, since I have severals debts to pay (as I've said on a previous post).

As of the moment, my performance appraisal is still pending, and salary adjustments are still not within the horizon. I still have financial worries, and the other contributing factors are unlikely to be solved soon. Still, I'm up again and back to thinking positive.

The remedy? I just went out with a few friends. Plain and simple, but it works for me. And where I went to? Mangaholix. And that will be for the next post. =P

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Lucy said...

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