Friday, 20 June 2008

The Code of Geass

Just a few weeks ago, Choco gave me a link to a site wherein I could download some anime. Actually, I was looking up Code Geass then since Jason had been cosplaying as Lelouch and I have only the vaguest idea about the anime.

Thing is, the site only had the episodes of the second season, Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion R2, but I never realized it until I had finished downloading all the first 9 episodes. Well no, I only realized after watching the first few seconds of the first episode. And since I really wanted to know the anime, and what makes it a hit, I decided to watch the whole of season one.

A few days ago, I started watching season 1 on, but since loading time on the site takes forever, I was only on episode 20 after much slacking off at work. And since the files of the second season are already resting in my hard disk, tempting me to open them...

I did.

Even though I'm still missing a few crucial episodes from the first chapter, I still enjoyed watching the show. And by enjoying, I meant I also automatically applied that which I've discussed in a previous post. But in as much as I would want to discuss that right now, my torrent downloader just informed me that episode 10 of R2 had just finished downloading. I'll watch it now, and blog about the show later. =P

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