Friday, 25 April 2008

Been There, Done That

Yep, the post title says much about my weekend trip. It had been four days since the following pictures (that I'll be posting) were taken, but they're pretty timeless anyway.

Last Saturday, my officemates and I went to a place where you can burn more money per hour than you can burn calories through swimming. Yeah, the trip was company-sponsored, I admit. I won't be able to go there if I am to rely on my own savings, really. =P

That's the renowned beach of Boracay Island, folks! B)

We were really not able to do much on the first day, since we were quite sleepless the day before. But since sleep is for the weak, we still grabbed the opportunity to take lots of pictures even if we were tired back then. Hehe. =)

I'll be detailing what we did on the second day of the company outing in another post. I just need to turn in for the night now. There's another company activity tomorrow, and I need to sleep lest I fall asleep tomorrow while swimming. Hehe. ^_^

Note: First and third pictures are not mine, my friend owns the rights to them. My good shots of the beach got lost when my cellphone camera gave up on me. ={

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