Thursday, 17 April 2008

LATA: ACeS Cuisine

I’ve talked about mutants in a post way, way back, right? I think I’ll just elaborate a bit more on that before I leave teh ACeS behind. For those who haven’t been around at that time (or too lazy to read through), let’s just say that mutations form a part of what we may call…


Given the strategic, geographic location of teh ACeS, it is very much expected that the inhabitants have developed their own tastes when it comes to food. Or the difficulty in obtaining it. Whatever.

In other words, it is practical customary to: 1.) eat anything and everything; 2.) eat on the fly (including the fly); 3.) if necessary, cook/do not cook ready-to-eat food.

Of course, the third option pertains to canned/processed meat and/or fish as well as instant noodles. I do hope you get the drift.

Anyway, my 15-month stay in teh ACeS had afforded me the knowledge on how to efficiently sustain bodily processes in order to maintain satisfactory physical existence. Hehe. Yeah, food is necessary for survival, but eating the same thing over and over again just takes the pleasure in living day after day. ^^,

Owkay, this post may take up much space if I list down each and every way I’ve used to spice up the taste of canned tuna and corned beef. This blog isn’t dedicated to cooking, anyway.

tl;dr version: Learning how to cook stuff that one does not usually cook (since they’re ready-to-eat to begin with). Survival training – ACeS Style

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