Thursday, 10 April 2008

A New Chapter

It's official - I'm leaving team ACeS.

Well, my supervisor had informed me personally about it yesterday, but I only saw the official transmittal just now. Effective by the 21st of April, I'll be a member of the G22 team and will be focused more on the company's GSM network. But since I still have a few days of duty left at the gateway, I decided that I'll dedicate a few last posts to my life in teh ACeS.

I'm now starting a new chapter both in my personal life and in my career. Although the move is lateral, there'll be more responsibilities (I presume) when I transfer to the new team. But before that, I'm hopefully ending things with a bang for the ACeS team.

First off, I will be turning over my responsibilities to those who would be left behind. There's nothing much that I've been doing that will not be easy for them to do anyway. Of course, there's the ceremonial/customary treat before I leave (I do hope I have enough funds!~_~) And yes, there's the best part (if it will push through) - TCP!

I'm keeping my fingers crossed that the planned Team Celebration and Planning (TCP) activity will push through by next weekend. We're going to Boracay! ^_^

Yep, I'm a bit excited. LOLz. =P

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