Thursday, 10 April 2008

Things I'll Miss

I guess this post should not be forgotten, to serve as a personal reminder of what I'll be leaving behind when I get transfered to another location. I've been thinking about it for the past few hours, and I realized that there'll be a number of things that I'll be missing when I go.

Well, the team itself and the gateway are on the top of the list, and I need not explain why, right? So, I'll just get to the things I have quite been taking for granted that had made my stay in the place worthwhile.

When I told a close friend about my transfer, I jokingly said that I'll be missing the dutyfree shops the most. I know I'm not the only one, since my brother and my parents will no longer get the weekly supply of chocolates and other stuff. ^_^ Too bad I won't be able to hoard as much chocolates as I would want to since I'm quite low on funds these days (I'm allocating all the money I currently have for the trip to Bora. Hehe)

I might miss the 8-hour weekly trips, though I'm not betting on it much (*points to previous rants about my commuting woes*), but I'm sure I'll miss driving those Ford Rangers especially since I learned how to drive on those.

When I'm in my new team, there won't be any more trips to Yellow Cab, Meat Plus, Gerry's Grill, Pier One, Extremely Espresso, and Olongapo City Mall. I won't be jogging around Remy Field and I won't be working out in Ernie's Gym anymore.

I'll be constantly queuing up for the ATMs during paydays, I think. I'm not really looking forward to those long lines, as I've gotten used to withdrawing during queue-less hours of the day (since I could visit the bank whenever I wanted to).

There are also the cute dogs, Mumay and Brutus, who always welcome me every time I arrive. I'm sure there'll be more dogs and puppies in the future, but I won't be meeting them unless I visit the gateway.

And ultimately, I'll miss blogging about ACeS life. I guess I'll just leave the honor to Jonah who I greatly influenced into blogging. =P

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