Thursday, 1 May 2008

It's May Again

It's the first day of May here in the country, and I'm betting there are lots of rallies somewhere in the capital, Manila. Yeah, it's Labor Day and there must surely be lots of people doing the deemed-mandatory Labor Day rallies. But no, I do not wish to talk about that here since I'm trying to keep this blog away from Philippine politics as much as I can.

Anyway, I've noticed that my last update had been six days ago. Well, I'd been too lazy to write, I admit. =P

No, actually I wasn't too lazy to update. Let's just say that my brain was too tired to spew out blog entries. My new work is taking up much of my mental capacities for the past few days, and after the daily eight-hour duty I am left only to recharge.

But I'm not complaining, though. I'm loving what I'm doing, you see. But I will have to wait for the proper moments to write blog updates, else I only put in trash in here. Hehe.

I'm still not through talking about my trip to Boracay (and I'll upload a few more pictures, too), and I'll also be blogging about my activities last weekend as well. AAAANNNDDDDD... It's May again! I just saw that the plants in our garden are in bloom even though I wasn't taking care of them much (but my parents are, hehe). For now, however, I'm left to put up this advisory so as not to lose readership. (^^,)

So, I'm now off to work! (Yeah, I'm still doing graveyard duties in my new job)

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