Friday, 11 April 2008

Dream Team

The company I work for had made it a policy to acknowledge their employees' efforts in ways other than financial remuneration. We have company outings for employees, and events for employees' families as well. And there's the Rewards and Recognition - the R&R as it is endearingly called - that lauds the best of the best.

One of my best memories as a part of Team ACeS is the fact that I contributed to the award that the team got during the last R&R. The ACeS Team had been recognized as the "Dream Team" for the whole North Luzon group of the engineering division. =P

Yeah, for the whole year, we've been working seamlessly as a team. Our cooperative efforts had paid off when we met our targets of setting the company's foot forward into the international telecommunications arena. It had been through the combined strengths of every member of the team that our goals we're met.

Being part of the dream team is something that I'll be keeping with me long after I've left the team. Onwards to a brighter future, ACeS Team!

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