Sunday, 4 May 2008

Bora: Day 2 and 3

Alright, I'm running out of creativity so I'm leaving this post's title as you see it. This update's gonna be straightforward, anyway.

A previous blog entry is entitled, "Been there, done that", right? Our second day at Boracay was spent doing the usual stuff that tourists do there - food trips, chilling out, trying out the banana boats, touring the island, snorkeling, and swimming! ^_^ (I suppose we could have done more if we had more money to spend, but us poor employees had barely enough to go back to our office.) T-T

First of all, we were tired from the first day so that we woke up on the second day quite late in the morning. We hurriedly ate, taking advantage of the supposed-complimentary breakfast and stuffing ourselves much. Soon after, we fixed our things and started out for the beach, aiming to try out the island tour first. However, a few of our other companions proposed to give the banana boat a shot first, which we did. =P

In a nutshell, the experience was worth the amount we paid for the ride. Yes, you really need to try it out yourself as no words can suffice to convey how enjoyable the banana boat is. I'm leaving it at that - the banana boat's worth it, give it a shot, too, whenever and wherever you can. =)

We were supposed to go on the island tour next, but since everyone got exhausted from the banana boat, we decided to rest and take pictures instead (this proved to be not a good idea, since island tours should be best done during the morning as we've learned later). After posing in the sand several times, we noticed that it was almost lunch time so we headed back to the hotel. The food was really good, and we filled our stomachs to their bursting point, hehe.

Too bad, we felt sleepy immediately after. So, there was no other option left but to give in. At around 3PM, we woke up and gathered everyone interested in the island tour. We hurriedly sought the people we contracted earlier for the tour, and we began the boat trip. Oh, we rode this boat (picture taken by one of my officemates):

The tour was also nice, and the boatman acted as a bit of tour guide, too. He even pointed out Manny Pacquiao's alleged resort (it really looked wonderful even from afar). We had a brief stopover at Puka beach (wherein we bought some souvenirs), but we didn't have enough time to visit the caves. The tour resumed, and we came at that part of the sea around the island where the waves were not so gentle. ~_~

Towards the end of the tour, we stopped by at that rather rough portion of the sea to snorkel. That part I didn't enjoy much because of the waves (and to think it was snorkeling that I was looking forward to the most). The boatman said that the waves are calmer during the morning, and we really should have done it first (*sob*). T-T

We came back to our starting point shortly before 6PM, and we took our time enjoying the sunset. And by enjoying, I meant that we took more pictures, hehe. Also, we tried making sand castles! Owkay, not really. We just played around with the sand (what kind of game, I leave to your imagination *wink*). Oh, here's a sunset picture I took myself (using my handy cellphone camera, of course):

When it was too dark to stay in the beach, we decided to move to the pool and we killed time swimming. We stayed by the pool until it was time for dinner, and we went back there after eating. Talking about maximizing the free use of the pool, hehe. =P

No, we didn't give the Boracay night life a try on that night (because we already did the night before). But we still went around looking for more souvenirs and we slept rather early because our flight the next day was quite early, too.

As our flight on the third and last day was at 11:50AM, we woke up quite early. I was actually hoping to try out some fruit shakes before we leave, but we ended up swimming on the beach instead until it was time for us to prepare to leave. =P

The trip home wasn't really enjoyable, partly because I really wanted to extend my stay, but mostly because of several inconveniences (like our flight being delayed). Still, the trip as a whole was fun even if it was a bit short. Anyway, I'm ending this post with a picture of Boracay Island. 'Til next time! :P

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