Wednesday, 7 May 2008


Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the tropical islands of the Philippines; expect the weather to be as good as how bad it can get. (If that doesn't sound right, never mind) =P

No, we're not resuming to regular programming (so to speak). This post's another one of those advisories wherein I'm telling you guys that I'm not posting anything, yet. ~_~

Crazy weather + work = no_time_to(update)

The frequent thunderstorms that occur around here from the afternoons to late in the evening are forcing me not to use my computer, for safety reasons. No, it's not just the matter of me using WiFi internet by Smart BRO (hence, the transmitter atop our roof that is very much welcoming lightning strikes). This place is naturally attractive to that natural electric phenomenon because of the 20meter-high self-supporting tower of a service provider's cellsite. My old PC had fallen victim a few years ago, and I'm not eager to allow my new one to meet the same fate.

I'm also not too sure that I'd be updating over the weekend. But please do drop by every now and then, I'm still active, y'know.

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