Sunday, 18 May 2008

Maximize and minimize

I've heard someone say that if life gives you lemons, make a lemonade. In other words, try to make the most of the things in your hands and use it to make the world a better place.

Or something like that. =P

Owkay, I'm a full-pledged engineer and I bet many of those who know me would say that I ought to be maximizing everything I can because maximizing something for maximizing's sake is what every engineer should live for. Pardon me for using the word 'maximizing' three times in the past sentence, but I think I should etch that more into my consciousness.

For the past months, my focus hadn't been so well that I had barely minimum usage of the things I could have taken more from. I'd rather not list those things down lest this post get longer than necessary, but I think I'll just settle on what knocked me back to my senses. And that thing that reminded me to get back on track was...

A childish game of "Luxor: Wrath of Seth"!

I was playing the frikkin' game just a few weeks ago when I realized that the reason why I was failing to complete the levels was because I wasn't maximizing my resources. Many a times, I'd want to have a red ball whenever I have blue or green, when in fact I could use the ball in hand to prepare for nice combos! Or if I have what I want, I'd just shoot the ball just to shoot it without thinking about other better uses I could put the ball for.

As I learned to maximize each ball that comes into my hand (and get to the higher levels of the game), realization dawned upon me that I should put the lesson into real life. F*k with the lemonade, just sell the lemons! Then you'd have the money for whatever you want to buy. =P

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