Saturday, 30 June 2007


I'm sure many will agree that the month of June is among the least favorite in a year. For students, this marks the start of another school year (and parents also know it is the start of lavish spending on tuition fees, allowances and the likes) :P Moreover, the month is commonly the start of the rainy season; thus all the hassles that floods can bring mainly contribute if the month is not really the most looked forward to.

So now that the month ends in an hour and a half, I decided to make a recap of the events that highlighted my calendar.

I think the foremost has to be the training we (my colleagues and I) underwent so as to master the operations of our new equipment. The trainings and workshops mainly took all the space in my month's activities' list for June, and it took me great planning (and scheming) ^_^ to push another event in my tight schedule at the office.

That event that definitely made my month colorful was the ToyCon at the Megamall. (C'mon, the costumes that the cosplayers wore literally filled the convention with colors) ^_^ Attending that gathering took much of my resources, but it was worth it. I'm actually looking forward to going again next year.

Hmm, what else?

Oh, I've also been a teacher (though only because there was no one available to give out driving lessons, hehe) so that's another point to making my June a time of learning, re-learning, scheming, and mentoring.

I hope the coming month bids well.

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