Tuesday, 26 June 2007

LATA: Rations' End

So the month of June is rapidly coming to a close. With it, a whole month of technical training/workshops will come to an end.

It seems only yesterday that I was writing my month-ender for May, and yet today I'm planning to do one for June. Anyway, I think the proper recap will be another entry tomorrow (or the day after that) :P I'll just focus on the one thing that will make us (my officemates and I, AKA Team ACeS) feel sad: we're at ration's end. Hehehe...

For the past month, most of the members of Team ACeS underwent intensive seminar workshops in preparation for Project Batavia, which will be launching this July. And during the past weeks, Ericsson was the one providing us with our daily meals. LOLz.

Actually, we were being trained by Ericsson to handle the equipment our company purchased from them. Naturally, it was Ericsson that took charge of most of our needs during the whole duration of the training (what I really meant to say is "Ericsson fed us through the whole month", to put it succintly) ^_^ Now that we are down to the last three days of the workshops, we are slowly realizing how much we've become dependent on them.

Well, life goes on, right. I'm pretty sure there's still much in store for us beyond ration's end.

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