Tuesday, 3 July 2007

Totally Random, Incidental Post (TRIP)

I just watched Transformers this afternoon, and I really loved it. I plan to watch re-runs of the film (on pirated DVD!) :P Nah, that's just an option since I'm going back to ACeS tomorrow, and I'd be having two straight weeks of duty. So that means I might not have time to watch the movie again on the big screen. Now, if the movie hasn't been too pro-American, I'd have rated it 10/10.

Anyway, a lesson I've got from the experience:

"Mom is not the best person to watch it with."

Harhar. Honest!

By the way, you might ask about the entry's title (and why I didn't name it with Xformers or something). This post is random, as in just random thoughts, like it is best to blog down things as they happen or else you might never get to write down about the dinner dance you went to the other night.

Owkay, I'd do that dinner dance affair a separate entry perhaps tomorrow. I wanna do it justice (and it deserves a full length entry that I should have posted yesterday).


Note to myself: Transformers teh movie is for kids and kids at heart. Mom is neither of the two ^_^

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