Wednesday, 20 June 2007

A Soul's Weakness

I've had this book, "Exorcism, Encounters of the Paranormal and of the Occult", for quite a while now though I've only managed to read through the first half of it (because I'm either too lazy to read it, or I'm too busy at work). The book is written by a priest, whose name I don't recall (and I'm too lazy to get the book from our barracks to actually check), and basically deals with (you got it right!), exorcism.

Through the priest's point of view, the book provides an in-depth insight on one of the Catholic Church's least studied ritual and weapon of deliverance. Owkie, I won't delve much more on the book's content as I'm not planning to write a review (as if the book needs one, right?).

If there's one thing I've taken from the many points the book is raising, it'd be that demons take advantage of one's weakness. In the book, father writer says that the evil entities uses one's vulnerabilities (the demons have ways to find your most vulnerable spot) as an entry point to break in and cause mayhem.

Which brings me to think about the matter of sloth, one of the seven capital sins as viewed by the Church. Yup, I admit to being lazy such that I'd wish to have psychokinetic abilities to open up the bathroom door. That, or have the things I'm supposed to be getting to zoom within my grasp (I'd pretty much like the book to be within my arm's reach without actually walking to the third floor).

What's the connection, you may ask. It's just that father writer explicitly states that demons will use all form of temptation to bring you to hell, and psychic phenomena/manifestations/skills are among them. So I'm left to ponder, will sloth/laziness be not much of a reason for my soul to burn in hell?

I mean, here I am too lazy for my own comfort and wanting something they can readily hand over. They'd basically don't need to exert much effort to tempt me, yet they don't seem interested a bit. Does that imply that I'm not that interesting that even demons don't find me among the souls they wanna have with them in that fiery furnace they call their hangout?

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