Saturday, 23 June 2007

Lessons Among Lessons

I've just realized how really hard it is to teach someone.

Just a while ago, I was teaching an officemate how to drive. Yeah, yeah, I'm not really fully qualified to teach but we can only make do with whatever we have as of the moment. That is, there are really no fully qualified persons right now to teach her so I've volunteered to do the job.

At least she knew the basics, and I did not experience even more difficulty than necessary. She also learned quite fast, so I was never worried that the Ford will crash into the trees (mind you, there are loads of them here).

Actually, I had more difficulty in telling her the theories behind everything; I was even wondering why, even though I wasn't talking loudly, I was rather hoarse halfway through the lesson. It makes me think how all my teachers at school managed to speak day after day in front of noisy students (hey, I didn't contribute much to the noise, huh ^_^)

Anyway, the experience made me reminisce the times when I was also starting out. Back then, may dad used to teach me how to drive using, er, a dilapidated vehicle and I could barely recall how I got the hang of it. Actually, I don't know if I did learn anything back then :P

So I make this mental note: be patient in teaching someone, because others had also used up all their patience on you.

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