Wednesday, 29 October 2008

Eagle Eye Candy

Whether it's three or four weeks of going to the mall just to check if the movie's showing, it doesn't really matter. All the wait and wasted effort proved to be worth it, though, as Eagle Eye is generally as good as Hollywood films get.

Owkay, good things first. Cinematography and editing, direction and sound effects - they're all good, nothing to say against them. Basically, there's no dull moment in whole 2hours of playing time, although I'd admit that the story's predictability is way too much that one can really expect what to happen next. I think this fact is rather advantageous, as the viewers are left to concentrate more and more on each scene - and each scene is really well-caught on film.

Well, apart from Wanted, this is another movie that had me yearning to watch another re-run after finishing the first (but didn't due to time constraints). But like Wanted, this movie's biggest flaw lies on the story itself.

(NOTE: I wrote this review after reading other interviews of the movie) It seems many critics think that preposterous is but too soft a word to describe the plot - and I do have to agree with them. It doesn't take a telecommunications engineer (such as myself) to figure out that the main idea behind the Eagle Eye program is not just unlikely, most possibly such a notion will be nipped off the bud the moment someone suggest to turn all mobile devices into BigBrother-able sound receivers. Technically, it's not gonna happen soon (with soon here meaning the next 100 years or so) because everyone and their mothers will most probably object to the idea.

No, cellphone companies will not market handheld devices that can relegate their controls to a foreign entity. And yes, technophobic, it's still safe to buy that phone you're eyeing for so long.

Absurd plot elements or not, Eagle Eye is generally great. There are lapses, yes, but the whole movie experience makes up for it. And for a movie that tries hard to make the viewers as dumb and technophobic as possible (whether or not it succeeds is a non-issue), I'm still satisfied with the ticket price and the hassles of dropping by the movie house week after week just to check. Although I'm not keeping my fingers crossed for a sequel, I'd still give the movie an 9.0/10.

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