Saturday, 18 October 2008

Two Out of Three

Two days into my 3-day mandatory leave, and I still don't feel like I'm taking a break. XD Maybe it's 'coz of the unusual amount of the_usual_chores that I do almost on a daily basis, but I could swear that that wasn't two whole days! Pfffft...

Or, perhaps, I'm feeling this way because I'm really excited to go to LU Live!? I dunno really. I'm going on the second day, though, since I don't have that much of a budget for it.

Anyway, I just thought about not having some R&R despite the fact I'm on mandatory leave. I do remember that back in ACeS, the 3-day mandatory leave was something we look forward to. But then again, in that team we can extend the mandatory leave to as long as 10 days of utter bliss. HAR! HAR! HAR! (I only stretched mine to 8 days, actually, although I was the schemer behind my teammate's 10-day vacation last year) =P

Well, as my mom puts it, I feel this way because I had been passing time the same way as I do on a regular work day (particularly when doing the graveyard shift). Yes, it's probably due to the length of my stay in ACeS that I still haven't gotten the hang of how I do my work around here (ie., merely spending 8 hours on the office and staying at home for the remaining hours of the day).

Still, over-analyzing and ascertaining the root cause of this situation doesn't change the fact that tomorrow's the last of my 3-day mandatory leave for this year. And I'll still be busy on the next two days after that to actually have time for some R&R. ~_~

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