Thursday, 16 October 2008

In Four Days

I certainly know not what events can transpire in the next four days. I cannot say that the world economies will recover - no, stock markets are not my thing. I also cannot predict whether the weather will truly be fine or not - I'm not a meteorologist. But one thing I do know will hold true is this: I'll be 25 years old in four days' time.

Yes, the fourth day from now is my 25th birthday. And it never rains on my birthday. =P

Now, I do not know why it never rains on my birthday - I just noticed it, and I do hope it stays that way. I only like rains for my plants to flourish well, but my natal day happens but once a year, so the downpours can take that day off. ^^,

The month of October is one of the peaks of the stormy season; many of the strongest typhoons devastated the country on this month. But no matter how great the weather disturbances could be, they always stayed away from my birthday. Quite great, isn't it? ^_^

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