Saturday, 11 October 2008

Spaghetti month

It began as an excuse, and then turned into a challenge. And before I know it, a month has already passed.

At first, I was just too lazy to come up with any update. A few days onward, I thought I'd challenge myself with how long I can keep my thoughts to myself. Couple those with some facts like crappy work schedules, tons of house duties, and a renewed addiction to gardening, gaming and interior decorating and that would likely explain the inactivity around here. XD

Moreover, I had also entertained the thought of quitting. For the past month when I wasn't writing down anything, I felt wonderful without the pressure of having to come up with something worthwhile for my (I hope not so) few readers to read. But no, a pressure-less existence just isn't my thing. I really must continue writing, because I need to.

So enough with procrastinating - updates are already long overdue. I also should post something relevant to this year's Blog Action Day's theme (poverty) - the day is just around the corner, because it's already October.

Oh yeah, it's already October!

Nah, I haven't forgotten about that since there are lots of reminders to keep me posted. And those reminders come in the form of noodles mixed with red tomato/ketchup sauce. Neighbors are flooding us with that that I hereby dub this month as "Spaghetti Month" ^^,

(And yeah, I'd get even in a few days - I'll also be send my neighbors some spaghetti on my birthday).

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