Wednesday, 15 October 2008

A Better Approach

Poverty is a global problem with enormous implications in our pasts, presents, and futures. It is an ever-growing predicament that continues to engulf more and more individuals, especially in the world we are in right now.

Let's face it - poverty is everywhere, and it is developing as a threat to what must be a bright future for us. It brings complications far worse than many give it credit for - as issues like terrorism and dissent are largely due to an increasing number of people caught within it's grasp.In order to move forward, it is crucial that everyone takes part...

While it is true that more and more of the poorest of the poor are being entrenched into living lives of violence, I still believe that there are ways to turn all of these around. And I also believe that, in order to move forward, it is crucial that everyone takes part in countering this otherwise adverse trend.

Yes, governments all over the globe are trying their best to eliminate poverty, particularly in their areas of sovereignty. However, I highly doubt that all of their deeds are really for the best - after all, they only work for what they adjudge as best serving their own nation's interests.

It is precisely because people and governments are not collectively addressing poverty that I am getting more skeptical as to whether their actions will be all for the best. Because in doing so, they tend to sacrifice those they could just to attain their desired ends.

I'll just use a certain market example to show my point. Let's just say that most people would like to buy their necessities in as cheap a price as possible. Many will pay less for their food if they just could. Surely, their government will likely try to "protect their welfare" and keep the food prices down. The downside? How about those farmers that produce the goods, must their "own welfare" be sacrificed so that consumers will get the cheapest-priced merchandise?

There are other better examples, I think, but I'll just use that one since it makes the illustration a little less complicated. Of course I can google up some bits of information, and come up with cross references to how the current first world governments had, at one time or another, exploited the poorest of our nations today. But that is beyond my point.

Thing is, the better approach to solving this burgeoning dilemma is collective action aimed at uplifting EACH and EVERY INDIVIDUAL in the world. Merely creating jobs for the unemployed WILL NOT END POVERTY, especially if we're talking of salaries in the bare minimum levels. Getting all kids to have primary education is also not as effective, since schooling doesn't necessarily mean the future generation will have a future.

The journey towards the eradication of poverty is one in which the voyagers must travel together with complementary cadences.If we are to put an end to poverty, we can only do so by joining hands and taking the proper steps TOGETHER. Everyone, from the members of the highest social strata down to those living below the poverty line, must do their part in an approach that is better than separate, and totally unrelated, courses of actions.

Now if the members of the upper class will cease exploiting those in the lower classes, and if the lower members will stop trying to bring down those in the higher levels, there will be a clearer path for everyone to follow. That path is a road that must be traversed with all the people walking side by side towards the common goal of development.

Truly, the journey towards the eradication of poverty is one in which the voyagers must travel together with complementary cadences.


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