Monday, 27 October 2008

Through my eyes

About two or three months ago, I decided to try my luck on one of the many contests I saw on TV (c'mon, I'm sure we all did, one time or another, right?). The rule was so simple, yet ultimately complicated at the same time. XD

Oh yeah, the contest I'm talking about is Nat Geo Asia's Genius of Photography. Basically, the contestant is made to choose, among a set of photos, the one picture that the original photographer liked best. A very simple rule, right?

Well, the hard part is guessing the person's rationale. Choosing the right photo is one thing, finding out why he liked it is an altogether different and totally mind-boggling task. C'mon, how will you know what a stranger is thinking, when you don't know him in the first place?

Seeing there's no chance of actually guessing the right one, I chose to just put my own thoughts into it. I was thinking, well, we might be thinking the same thing anyway. But of course, we weren't, else I'd be blogging about my winnings, right? XD

Anyway, for me the best among those photos is the one entitled, "Multicolored Reflections." Here's my reason:

"Color greatly attracts the eyes, and Multicolored Reflections does command attention. Aside from showcasing how light play can truly spice up photographs, this picture also tells how things may be seen in "a different light" - that is, that a thing's beauty is multi-faceted and that looking at something in various angles and lighting conditions may reveal something more than the eyes can see. Furthermore, Multicolored Reflections leaves a strong imprint upon the beholders - a forceful declaration of how photographers ensure that a thing's beauty, captured at the precise moment, may be given its own place in eternity."

Thinking about my words, I come to realize something I had been missing all along - the reason why I love traveling and taking pictures. I may have been too distracted to the point that I was just going with the flow of activities, and not really doing what I really wanted to do in the first place - taking photographs that will let others see, in my own perspective, the true beauty of those places where I had been.

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